Collins Ink Rebrands, Begins Refurbishing Kodak Versamark Equipment

Collins Ink Corporation is changing its name to Collins Inkjet Corporation. The name change is to reflect Collins’ expansion into printer upgrades, parts, and support.

Collins Ink has a 23-year history of working closely with customers of high-speed inkjet printers. Recently, customers have asked Collins to refurbish Kodak Versamark printheads. Presently, Kodak has a monopoly on the refurbishment of printheads used in Kodak Versamark printers. Collins’ goal is to become a full service alternative for all parts for Kodak Versamark brand printers.

In addition to printhead refurbishment, Collins is also introducing an upgrade to Kodak’s 6240 fluid station. The upgrade extends the useful life of the fluid stations by as much as 10-15 years.