VITS Announces First Sale of Sprint Variable Data Rotary Cutter

Deerfield Beach, FL-based Wilen Direct has purchased the first Sprint Variable Data Rotary Cutter (VDRC) from VITS International. The announcement was made during a news conference at the PRINT 13 show.

A solution to high-speed web finishing in the digital print market, VDRC builds upon VITS’ well established tradition of high-speed web finishing.

The Sprint line of digital web finishing equipment includes a broad array of features, among them speeds up to 1,000 fpm, patented clear channel register control, patented cam profiling Servo technology, full bleed capability with minimum ¼" chip, infinitely variable, push-button change, tight web operation, multiple finishing options including folding, perforating, and die-cutting, and multiple delivery options.

Wilen Direct Vice President of Marketing Jeff Obermiller reported lightning fast makeready, easy setup and a user-friendly HMI interface as benefits of VDRC.

“It has amazing versatility for all of our current product needs, as well as many more that we haven’t even considered,” he said. “The Sprint VDRC is also efficient. During beta testing, the VDRC easily achieved speeds over 1,500 fpm on non-variable products and 1,000 fpm running variable products across many different size ranges.

“On the dozen or so live jobs we have produced, the cutter held 1/32" tolerances, and we have realized waste ratios of less than 1% on all jobs combined. The VITS Sprint VDRC is the real deal, and is truly evolution in motion.”