Making Print Work

“Think print ‘and,’ not print ‘or,’” NAPL Chief Economist Andy Paparozzi advised two separate audiences on Tuesday in the KBA exhibit (Booth 2321), where he officially introduced the 11th edition of the association’s “State of the Industry” report. Paparozzi highlighted some key action items contained in the report, including the importance of reinforcing “the realities of our new industry” across organizations. “Employees need to understand that there is a constant battle for market share,” he urged.

When discussing your firm’s competitive advantages, be specific, Paparozzi continued. “It’s not enough just to say that you are reliable. Tell them that you have a 95% on-time delivery rate, for example.” Or, better yet, show them by featuring satisfied customers in online videos. “Does your company have a YouTube channel?” he asked. “If not, why not?” One print firm owner quoted in the report said, “We never assume what a client needs; we verify it.” The bottom line, according to Paparozzi, is that “you either create value for clients—or lose them to someone who will.”

For more information on the report visit the NAPL booth (3961).