New Digital Catalog Introduced by GPA Specialty Substrate Solutions

PRINT 13 offered the opportune moment for GPA Specialty Substrate Solutions (Booth 1062) to unveil its new digital catalog, which the company touts as providing an unparalleled offering of new substrates for toner digital and HP Indigo presses.

It’s just the latest effort reflecting GPA’s ongoing commitment to providing the market with the most innovative substrates, says Bob Niesen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the McCook, IL-based company.

GPA is known for value-added services as well as product, Niesen remarked. The company’s tagline is, after all, “Ask GPA.”

“The market is changing enormously today, and there’s a continuous need for increased knowledge,” he noted. “We have a group of subject matter experts in house, which is a great competitive advantage for us.”

Those experts include Greg Kestler, an authority on pressure-sensitive adhesives and synthetic products that don’t include adhesives; Ron Pergande, an expert on paper and paper substrates; and Michael Blanco, a veritable font of knowledge on press rooms.

Helping its customers grow and differentiate themselves in the eyes of their customers is GPA’s goal, Niesen added.

“We’re helping customers with their own sales approaches,” he reported. “We can help customers develop more refined marketing approaches. We can provide samples they can put on their digital production devices. We can also go onsite within their production environments with full-day substrate optimization instruction. These are the things we’re doing like no one else in the industry to bring value to customers.”

The latest value-add is the new digital catalog with expanded offering unveiled at PRINT 13. The catalog provides an enormous selection of substrates that deliver cross-platform compatibility for guaranteed performance in a variety of digital production environments, GPA reports. This addition of more than 100 new digital substrates to GPA’s offering gives customers immediate access to media engineered specifically for the needs of their digital pressrooms. Dozens of papers, synthetic films, and pressure-sensitive papers are included in GPA’s new toner digital offering. GPA has also dramatically increased its products for HP Indigo presses, such as new coated and uncoated papers, added specialty fine papers, more C1S and C2S boards, a huge array of pre-converted substrates, and new pressure-sensitive papers and synthetic films.