Masterpiece Graphix Brings Unique Wood Veneer Substrate to Print 13

Masterpiece Graphix (Booth 860) brought a new and unique substrate to the table for PRINT 13. Wood veneer in both cherry and birch finishes are being presented as the newest way to keep your digital printing stunning. The wood comes in rolls and sheets and is usable on offset or digital printers, including the HP Indigo. Flexo, letterpress, screen presses, and UV ink presses also can print on the veneer. This specialty substrate is usable for anything, including business cards, postcards, invitations, folders, labels, packaging, signage, and cards.

Who Uses This?

Bourbon maker Jim Beam has just released a limited edition bottle with a wood veneer pressure sensitive label. The idea behind the label was to tie into the long known fact that Jim Beam ages the bourbon in iconic wood barrels. Wood veneer can be used for any labeling application, applied to glass, metal, and plastic to name a few, and can be laminated onto paper and film for packaging as well. The labels can also be printed on, embossed, and cut. 

Why Work With Wood?

Working and printing on wood is essentially the same as printing digitally on paper, from pre-treating to the actual printing. One big bonus-the ink doesn’t feather, so that bar codes printed scan properly and text is readable. It creates a natural and vintage look that can even be treated to look cracked and aged without affecting printability. The newly added ease of being able to run it on virtually any printer is the icing on the cake.