Editorial: It's Easy to Find the Silver Lining

For several years now, we have produced the official Show Daily for Graph Expo/PRINT, so our time in Chicago is dedicated entirely to that project. During the show, a lot of my email ends up on the back burner. So while traveling home, I was trying to catch up on some correspondence that had been languishing in limbo during the week.

A subject line that read “Wow the September Issue” grabbed my attention. It was a wonderful note from Bill Harden of Accel Printing & Graphics Corp. in Mt. Kisco, NY. It read:


Thank you for restoring my favorite trade publication to its former glory. I have just read it cover to cover, learned new stuff, got an idea or two, and feel my time was well spent. You brought back the sunshine after years of clouds of grey. Thanks again!

Thank you, Bill! I immediately forwarded the message to the rest of our team. It was nice of Bill to give me credit, but QP is always a team effort. We share the ups and we share the downs. That email made all of us smile.

Then I started to wonder...years of clouds of grey? I’m pretty sure that Bill was talking about the size and heft of the magazine (which was the subject of my editorial in that issue), but I feel he was missing something. And he’s not the only one. I hear about this all the time.

In months when the printed magazine is a bit lighter, as it is this month, there is still a world of good content at your fingertips. Literally. Turn to the table of contents and take a look. See that section called Web Exclusives? Those are the articles that were assembled for this issue, but simply didn’t fit into the pages we were allotted. They are easy to find. Go to MyPRINTResource.com and just enter the number at the end of the address into the search bar. It will take you directly to the article.

You say you’d still like it better if it was printed? No worries! Just click the print icon and slip the pages inside this issue. Before you know it, you’ll have a fine, fat magazine. And the next time you talk to your equipment, consumables, and service providers tell them how much you like it when your favorite magazine is nice and chubby. Suggest they buy a print ad. After all, that’s how we get more pages, and you get a free subscription. So sing along with me, you know the words: “I like big books and I cannot lie...”