Editor's Note: They're Everywhere!

Imagine a day without signage.

For some of us, it might not be hard because we might not encounter a lot of signage during our daily commutes. For me, for instance, I primarily drive through residential areas. In most cases my biggest issue is getting stuck behind a school bus that seems to stop at every other house on the block. There is one section that I pass, however, where there is a strip mall of stores, post office, and a mini-mart/gas station.

I have to admit, it would be weird to see no signs—no gas prices, no indication of what shop was the laundromat verses the bagel store unless I stopped and peered in the windows.

But for many people, their daily travels take them in and out of various stores and places of business. Imagine no signs detailing the stores in the mall. There are no environmental graphics, leaving "builder white" walls behind. In Times Square, there would be no billboards and no digital displays.

Hard to consider, isn't it?

The good news, though, is that out-of-home advertising is on the rise—at least according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). According to its most recent report, out-of-home advertising revenue rose five percent in the second quarter of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, accounting for nearly $2.2 billion. Revenue for the first half of 2013 reached nearly $3.7 billion. The increase in revenue highlights steady positive year-over-year revenue growth since the second quarter of 2010.

“The out of home advertising industry is continuing its record as a leading growth medium in the US,” said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher. “The advertising community understands the value of OOH as an effective component of ad campaigns.”

And this past September, leading into the 10th Annual Advertising Week in NYC, the OAAA, along with OOH media companies, launched a campaign that highlighted the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising and its influential relationship to social media. The “EverywhereUR” campaign offered a chance for Americans to have their personal photos featured on a digital billboard in Times Square and then captured for posterity.

“The proliferation of social networks has taken OOH to new heights, positioning the medium to emerge as a key advertising option that amplifies integrated marketing campaigns,” added Fletcher. “Through this campaign, we hope social media users enjoy seeing themselves in the bright lights of Times Square, and we hope advertisers see the effectiveness and versatility of America’s OOH network.”

The technology that allows the public to participate in this interactive OOH campaign was donated by Aerva. Production for billboards and other OOH formats was donated by Circle Graphics.

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