Editor's Note: Extreme Makeover —A Website Edition

If you’ve visited MyPRINTResource.com over the last few weeks, you may not have recognized it at first. At the beginning of February, the site had a makeover and now sports a brand-new responsive web design. 

Responsive Web design is a Web design approach that is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation—across a wide range of devices. This new MPR design changes as you resize your window. The content fits in whatever view you currently have, from three columns all the way down to one. Because of this flexibility, this design translates very well to other devices besides desktop and laptop computers, like iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

This mobile segment is becoming more and more important to all website’s traffic—including MPR. But with the old website design we had to create a separate mobile site, which didn’t provide the most optimal viewing platform of our content mobily.

According to reports by Neilson, Gartner, and others, the sales of smartphones are continuing to increase, with smartphone sales accounting for more than half of all mobile phone sales. Additionally, desktop and laptop sales are migrating to tablets. Because of this shift to mobile, content consumption habits are also changing. 

According to the Pew Research Center, news is an important part of what people do on their mobile devices. The report also detailed that mobile users also are reading longer news stories regularly on their mobile devices.

The future is mobile. People are increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers to consume content. And if a website is not providing a mobile-friendly experience, visitors will go to a website that is easier to use. 

This is where responsive design comes into play. MyPRINTResource needed a platform to increase engagement on the web, create a better user interface for its growing mobile audience, and provide an innovative way to target content to a user’s interests.

While the site looks different, all of the content that you have come to expect is still there, but it’s been organized into channels to better enable our users to more easily find information that pertains to their interests and needs. One of the most “extreme” changes has been in how our content has been categorized. Now in order to find the latest and greatest information about wide-format technology, all you need to do is select the “Wide Format and Signage” channel on the website. All of the content we have on MPR that falls within that topic—articles, blogs, press releases, news, products, podcasts, media galleries, videos, documents, white papers, webinars, etc.—will be on that page. 

Now, with this new design, users will now get a very similar experience no matter what device they choose to use to access the information on the site. 

So take some time and check it out—on multiple devices—and let us know what you think!