Pressing On: Our New Site, What a Sight!

If you’ve visited lately, you no doubt have noticed some big changes—especially in how the site looks and operates. We rolled out a responsive website design in early February. The new design changes as your viewing device window resizes, so content “magically” fits into whatever view you currently have—from three columns all the way down to one—and translates very well to other devices, such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

So what’s changed with the new site? Nothing and everything: All of the content that you have come to love and expect on from Quick Printing, Wide-Format Imaging, Inkjet’s Age, and Printing News is all still there, but it’s been organized into channels to better enable users to more easily find information that pertains to their interests and needs.

The homepage itself now provides an endless scroll, with the newest content added to the site at the top of the page. You also have easy access to the latest videos in the Media Center module, which stays front and center. And no matter where you go on the site, clicking on the MPR logo in the top left will bring you right back home.

Users have quick access to their online user accounts, contact information, the ability to subscribe to newsletters as well as print and digital publications, and information about how to advertise in any of our brands directly from the homepage.

Now, in each block of content, you will notice a colored tag, indicating the content channel to which that item applies—and that leads to our new navigation. Across the top of the site, you’ll see our new easier navigation through the use of the new color-coded channels. If your window isn’t open wide enough to show all of the channels across the top, you will see a nifty drop-down on the left next to the MPR logo that will allow easy access to them.

The content on the site has been divided into 11 channels. All content in each channel—articles, blogs, press releases, news, products, podcasts, media galleries, videos, documents, white papers, webinars, etc.—that populates the page will be on that specific topic. Clicking into any item will let you read further, and then as you scroll to the end of the item it will circle you right back into more related content—based on the channel you are in.

Additionally, along the top navigation bar you’ll see a search feature and an additional drop-down menu, which allows users to access additional resources such as the event calendar, the print magazine pages, career listings, online classifieds, your online user account, advertising information, contacts, and also all of the special content that we feature each year—the QP Top 100, the WFI Top Shops, the Sign and Commercial Print Franchise Reviews, and the QP and WFI Top Product Awards—all in one place.

So please take some time and check it out—on multiple devices—and let us know how it’s working for you.

(Credit and kudos to my colleague Denise Gustavson, who summarized this strategy succinctly in her editor’s column for Wide-Format Imaging last month, from which I borrowed heavily.)