Application Spotlight: A Warm Marian Welcome

Customer: Marian University

Location: West Allis, WI

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Glendale

Flight Date: 2013 to present

Project: Create graphics Marian University to create a more welcoming and appealing campus as well as make their branding more prevalent throughout.

Marian University administrators were looking to create a more welcoming and appealing campus as well as make their branding more prevalent throughout. In addition, all the offices and conference rooms needed to be updated showing the current logo and project a warmer environment. In order to get this graphic overhaul accomplished, they turned to FASTSIGNS of Glendale.

“The ideas for these graphics was the result of a collaborative effort between the customer, our center sales, and design staff,” explained Mark Van Ermen, sales manager at FASTSIGNS of Glendale.

Van Ermen toured the campus with the client and made a list of all the items that the University wanted renovated. Once the client reviewed the estimate they worked together to choose the most impactful items first and as additional budget became available we added to the project.

The first items on the list needed to be completed by 2013 graduation. Other items were completed according to budget with exterior projects scheduled for the warmer Wisconsin weather. The individual projects were each identified as either short term or long term and material selected on that basis. Some signs will be in place for as little as a few months, others for as much as 15 years.

According to Van Ermen, FASTSIGNS of Glendale used Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop for the designing of the signs. Depending on final application, they used their Vutek for printing direct to substrate panels, their Epson S70 for adhesive prints, and their Zund G3 for routing and cutting. Other tools, such as frames, standoffs, and various hardware completed the signage for their respective installations. 3M vinyls, inks, and laminates were used for all elements as well.

FASTSIGNS of Glendale opened in 1990, with a very small crew. It has grown to be one of the franchises best performing stores, ranking either first or second in overall sales for the past 16 years. “Our personnel make our business, in other words, our employees are the backbone for our business,” said Robb Schmit, CEO, FASTSIGNS of Glendale. “From the creativity, to production throughput, relationship building, and dedication to the customer, it is with these tools that we have succeeded. There are many options when purchasing a franchise, and I felt this was the best fit for continued support and longevity in having mentors with best practices to share as you build your business. We have been able to grow by continually seeking new challenges and investing in state of the art equipment. Our attention to detail is how we exceed our customer expectations and why they return with new projects, pushing us to be more innovative and helping us to grow.”