Online Exclusive

Application Spotlight: Bringing Childhood Adventures to Life

Customer: JM Cremp’s

Location: Bloomington, MN

Production Shop: BIG INK

Flight Date: November 2013 - Present

Project: Create a retail environment for JM Cremp store in the Mall of America

Retail store JM Cremp’s called on BIG INK to help them create a brick and mortar store. According to Tom Trutna, owner, Big Ink, the business was mainly a mail order retailer that focused on boyhood and all the toys that go along with it, but the owner wanted to open a temporary trial store in the Mall of America for the 2013 holiday season.

“We were asked to attend a walk through of the empty space in late October,” said Trutna. “We identified the three main challenges the store needed to overcome: 1) how to best use the 30 plus feet of windows to convey the brand and draw in customers; 2) how to relay the brand identity without spending large amounts of budget on a temporary space; and 3) how to designate different areas within the store—imitating the layout of their catalog.”

The overall image of the JM Cremp’s brand has an adventurous, outdoor and rustic feel. The combination of items used for the store windows, entry, identifying signs, and store branding had to convey all of these traits. The main window featured a background wall with a printed wall graphic of rugged mountains and blue sky. In front of that graphic was a four-panel (each 38x48-inch) light box, which highlighted a boy, his gladiator gear, and his dog ready for action. A second surface cut vinyl message about adventure added another layer to the story.

The store signs were direct print to ½” sande plywood and ¼” wood cut out letters, which also portrayed a rustic feel. Panels of sande plywood framed the store entrance and featured printed brown lettering that replicated a wood-burn look, kits of which were available for purchase in the store.

Inside the store printed graphics and actual toys were used to brand the space without going over budget. Printed ControlTac was used for the cash wrap and cut vinyl was used on the wall behind the register. Eight different direct print sande plywood panels helped distinguish different areas within the store. All of the panels were also used to create a wardrobe or fixture center that highlighted best selling merchandise. Even a former dressing room was turned into a shooting range, featuring toys sold within the store.

According to Trutna, the client was delighted with the results. The graphics were printed and installed by mid-November—less than three weeks from concept to opening—in time for the Thanksgiving weekend shoppers. Holiday sales exceeded expectations and the store has remained open into 2014.