Application Spotlight: NFL Pro Bowl

Customer: NFL

Location: Hawaii

Production Shop: Vision Graphics

Project: Create graphics for the NFL Pro Bowl

According to Gene Chambers, VP of marketing at Vision Graphics, the National Football League Pro Bowl is one of Vision’s most rewarding and challenging projects in 2013.

This year the NFL created a new format for the game this year eliminating the AFC vs NFC format. The new teams were chosen a few days before the game in a player draft from a pool of players that were voted in by the fans. The new team colors pylon orange and goalpost yellow needed to be incorporated into the graphics to create a new look. “The NFL wanted to re-use some of the graphics we produced from the previous year,” said Chambers. “Our challenge was to create and integrate the new colors into the design that would change the overall look of the event.”

An event such as this, attracts a wide variety of sponsors and most of the decisions are made last minute. The tailgate party, touchdown club, and block party gained a new major sponsor that needed to be included in all of the graphics for these events. This would require all new elements to be designed and produced as well. Vision had to create new designs that would be approved by the NFL and the new sponsor, produce all of the elements, ship them to Hawaii, and have them all installed in four weeks.

Vision’s design team created 364 production files that were used to produce over 600 new elements. These elements were produced in Vision’s new 56,000 square foot facility in Salt Lake City utilizing a variety of substrates totaling 46,096 square feet. Graphics ranged from door decals, pole banners, stage backdrops and stadium graphics.

“Our goal was to create an environment that was celebratory and engaging using vibrant colors and nature imagery that represents Hawaii. The feedback has been very positive. Everyone is very pleased and feels like we accomplished what we set out to do,” said Vision Creative Director Chris Parada.

According to Chambers, one of the challenges at the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl was designing graphics to cover-up existing photos or artwork at the JW Marriott Ihilani Hotel where the players were staying. The restaurant had piece of artwork that was permanently mounted to the wall and could not be removed. So Vision Graphics printed the image on artist canvas and fabricated a gallery wrapped frame that would go over the entire piece of artwork.

Additionally, the front desk had two pieces of artwork that were framed and have a Plexiglas face. Vision Graphics’ solution? To cover-up the two pieces with a self-adhesive product call VisiTex. This product has a matte fabric look and feel to it that was applied to the plex face.