Online Exclusive

Application Spotlight: Wrapping a Naval Ship’s Crane

Customer: USS Bataan

Production Shop: Hackworth

Project: Create and install a custom wrap for the USS Bataan

“We wrap cars and trucks like everyone else. But we just completed custom designing and wrapping a crane for a locally ported naval ship, the USS Bataan,” said Charles Hackworth, III, president, Hackworth.

Their battle group recently deployed and the USS Bataan wanted to wrap the ship’s crane before the group left. Hackworth had their designer and installer go to the ship to meet with members of the crew. Within two weeks they had to design the layout, get approval, print graphics, and then spend four days installing the graphics.

“The install required coordination with their staff for cleaning the crane—they loaned us four hard working sailors—and the installation had to take place on the navy base,” said Hackworth. “When we started the process, the crane was being repaired and inspected for duty. All of our work was done within a very small window of time that we had between when the crane was released for service and when the navy required it to be back on the ship. Our team met every deadline and the navy loved the finished product.”