2014 FastSigns/Wide-Format Imaging Project of the Year Additional Entries

FastSigns franchisees submitted a variety of different projects for the 2014 FastSigns/Wide-Format Imaging Project of the Year. While these didn't take home an award, they all showcase the diversity of services and the top quality products FastSigns shops produce each and every day.

Customer: Nucleus, Kentucky’s Innovation Center

Location: Louisville, KY

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Louisville

Flight Date: October 21, 2013 to present

FASTSIGNS Louisville was asked by Nucleus, Kentucky’s Innovation Center, to create a large graphic for their main lobby.

A digital image of a microscopic slide of a cancer drug provided by Margaret Oeschli was enlarged and printed as a continuous graphic spanning the length of a 25-foot wall. Image was printed on .25-inch acrylic panels with the Agfa Anapurna MW wide-format UV printer, using white ink to produce an opaque image with vibrant color. Holes were countersunk, and small .020 aluminum disks were applied over the holes to provide a blind mounting system. Aluminum disks were placed on the acrylic and printed at the same time. It was installed 25-feet off the ground in the main foyer.

Customer: Rent One

Location: St. Louis. MO

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Erie

Flight Date: May - August, 2013

FASTSIGNS Erie was asked by Rent One to create a number of graphic elements for its stores. In total, FASTSIGNS Erie created: nine sets of channel letters, 28 full vehicle wraps, 80 interior full-color signs printed on Sintra, nine .5-inch acrylic logos, and numerous lighted cabinet signs.

Customer: Peapod, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL area

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Arlington Heights

Flight Date: October/November 2013

FASTSIGNS of Arlington Heights worked with Peapod, America's leading internet grocer delivering more than 23 million order across 24 major US markets. With their Chicago area markets, they wanted to create environmental graphics in private phone booths. “We produced wide format 69x72-inch wallpaper showing various grocery products. In their open space programming/developers section, we created/produced a binary code design wallpaper with mission statement and Peapod Way policy. These pieces were 116x40 inches,” said Jerry Becker.

Customer: Virginia State Fair

Location: Doswell, VA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Richmond

Flight Date: September 2013 to present

The Virginia Farm Bureau took full ownership of the Virginia State Fair and needed to give the event an updated look to the fair in 2013. They wanted all of the visitors to recognize a new and improved fair experience and they were welcoming new ideas.

“I suggested they utilize some unused areas of the fairgrounds,” said Tim Dalton, Key Accounts, FASTSIGNS of Richmond. “I pitched it to them as a monumental ‘Jurassic Park’ style entrance. The tunnel is about 200 yards from their main ticket entrance and all the patrons have a long walk to the tunnel. I wanted the graphic to build excitement and anticipation as the public enter the fair grounds.”

FASTSIGNS of Richmond used a new material, Rough Wrap from MACtac, as a way to utilize a large tunnel entrance to the fair. Currently the fair had outdated banners and corroplast signs from the previous year. “The Rough Wrap allowed us to take advantage of the concrete walls surrounding the tunnel and give an unexpected graphic experience to everyone entering the fair,” said Dalton.

Customer: Kaiser Permanente - Brand Creative

Locations: San Francisco, CA and Roseville, CA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Oakland

Flight Date: October 19/20, 2013 to present

FASTSIGNS Oakland worked with Kaiser for a kiosk wrap project. They wanted multiple locations to be wrapped and FASTSIGNS Oakland were up for the challenge. FASTSIGNS Oakland printed and installed vinyl graphics for the kiosks with one graphic having a width of 74.25 inches and another with a width of 146.5 inches.

Customer: GT Nexus

Location: Oakland, CA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Oakland

Flight Date: October 11/14, 2013 to present

GT Nexus contacted FASTSIGNS Oakland for a large project they were completing for their interior office space. They did not want the walls to be bare, so they came to FASTSIGNS Oakland for help. Wall murals were printed for two floors that they occupied in a large business office in downtown Oakland.

Customer: Oakland Museum of CA

Location: Oakland, CA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Oakland

Flight Date: January 2013 to present

The Oakland Museum of CA decided that it was time for a whole new look with brand new exhibits throughout the entire museum. The designers came to FASTSIGNS Oakland with what they had in mind, but were unsure of what materials to use or what would work best. They wanted their displays to be durable, hands-on, and interactive while also being cost-effective. Throughout the year, FASTSIGNS Oakland have printed display signs as well as interactive materials for their exhibits.

Customer: Tiffany & Co.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Vancouver

Flight Date: November 15 to December 31, 2013

Tiffany & Co. hired FASTSIGNS Vancouver to supply and install Christmas-themed graphics for its downtown Vancouver location. Both FASTSIGNS and Tiffany’s were very pleased by the result. The biggest challenge was adhering the graphics to the variety of stonework around the windows. FASTSIGNS tested several material, but the combination of low surface energy and fine graphics had owner Paul LeBlanc and sales rep Kimberly Coutts concerned. “We solved the problem by taking a high resolution photograph of the stonework, then assembled a new graphic file consisting of both the Christmas artwork and the image of the stone. We printed that on high tack vinyl and were able to successfully install it on the brick,” said LeBlanc.

Customer: The Classic Center

Location: Athens, GA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Athens

Flight Date: December 6, 2013 to present

FASTSIGNS of Athens was asked by The Classic Center to create and install a complete wayfinding project. The product included digital signs, wayfinding maps, blade signs, exterior signs, window graphics, table graphics, ADA, dimensional letters, another other signage.

Customer: Flemington Department Store/Carhartt

Location: Flemington, NJ

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Flemington

Flight Date: August 15, 2013 to present

FASTSIGNS of Flemington was asked to create a 12x34-foot mural inside the Flemington Department Store to feature their Carhartt products.

Customer: GET AIR

Location: Tucson, AZ

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Speedway

Flight Date: September 2013 to present

Patti Goodell, the owner of GET AIR, is an indoor trampoline park, came to FASTSIGNS Speedway ask for their help with all of their visual communications needs. They were taking over a spacious empty warehouse and needed both exterior and interior signage. Initially their challenge was to get large colorful graphics up on their walls before the large steel framework for the trampolines were installed, as well as wayfinding, instructional, informational boards, and safety signs. But just one month after opening their doors, they had an unfortunate accident that made headlines. FASTSIGNS created some additional warning signs to help not only protect their customers, but their financial interests as well.

“We initially provided GET AIR with some temporary banners to help create awareness of their upcoming park, along with marketing and promotional items for publicity and hiring events,” said David Hirsch, owner, FASTSIGNS Speedway. “As the construction process began, the attention switched to the actual exterior and interior signage needed to open and operate the park. Since the warehouse was so spacious, they needed large, colorful graphics that could be seen from across the park. We worked within their budget and construction schedule to create and install their permanent signage. We also recommended the use of both floor and wall graphics to help maintain a safe jumping environment.”

Customer: Milwaukee Sportservice/Delaware North

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Wauwatosa

Flight Date: March 29, 2013 to present

According to Ginger Evenson, Sales Consultant for FASTSIGNS Wauwatosa, Milwaukee Sportservice/Delaware North wanted a change a “standard” food cart into a custom “food truck. FASTSIGNS Wauwatosa created an aluminum “truck” façade with working lights, a pass-through delivery window, awning, and a dry erase menu board. Miller Park’s Executive Chef uses the dry erase board to feature daily menu items that coincide with popular cuisine from the city of the visiting ball team. FASTSIGNS Wauwatosa designed the graphics to include the Milwaukee Brewer’s team colors and logo elements.

Customer: David Nicholson of Natural Body Spa in Buckhead

Location: Buckhead, GA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Odenton

Flight Date: October 28, 2013 to present

The project was a 119x144-inch backlit banner produced for the Natural Body Spa in Buckhead's retail showroom. A beautiful fall photo was printed at 200 percent saturation on 19 ounce backlit banner. It was adhered to frame with velcro and illuminated with fluorescent lighting. The image will be changed quarterly.

Customer: Autobahn Speedway

Location: Jessup, MD

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Odenton

Flight Date: April 2013 to present

Autobahn Speedway wanted a wall mural printed for its indoor race track. The customer had FASTSIGNS of Odenton print and install a 25x180-foot wall mural. FASTSIGNS of Odenton used 3M IJ8624 with IJ8524 laminate. There are 44 panels, each 25 feet tall. The job was printed a Roland RS-640 with Onyx 10 RIP and installed by AB Installations.

Customer: Green Market

Location: Jessup, MD

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Sherman

Flight Date: July 2013 to present

Green Market was opening a new location and closing their old one. They wanted to have a much more upscale look to match the quality of the products they sell. FASTSIGNS Sherman designed, planned, printed, produced, and installed all of the signage. They worked closely with the owner of the market to meet and exceed all deadlines and produce high quality signage that would last years to come—not only in durability, but in a timeless design.

Customer: Merritt’s Antiques / My Dad’s Flooring America

Location: Douglassville, PA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS Fort Myers

Flight Date: March 19, 2013 to present

FASTSIGNS Pottstown was contacted by Merritt’s Antiques / My Dad’s Flooring America to repair and recover a 10-foot billboard with a single piece of vinyl. The banner is held in place with poles of metal conduit and ratchet straps.

Customer: Dell

Location: San Jose, CA

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS San Jose

Flight Date: May 28, 2013

FASTSIGNS San Jose wrapped more than 4,000 sqft of a façade at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. The graphics were printed on an Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 using a 720 high quality print mode in Onyx to ensure a consistent Dell blue. The material consisted of premium Kapco grey tiny vinyl and they were laminated with a 3mil matte UV laminate. The install was completed in 2.5 days using two 100-foot lifts and one 60-foot lift.

Customer: Prime Time Productions

Location: Chicago, IL area

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Arlington Heights

Flight Date: December 2013

Prime Time Productions is a corporate event staging firm and was planning a holiday party for a major organization. The theme was based on the Wizard of Oz movie. FASTSIGNS of Arlington Heights produced a "yellow brick road" that covered the entry way from the staircase into the ballroom—a length of 36 feet by 48 inches that was printed on adhesive back vinyl and applied to carpet.

Customer: Jacksonville Jaguars / SMG

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Jacksonville

Flight Date: August 28, 2013

The Jacksonville Jaguars changed their logo this off-season. They wanted to engage fans with the logo change throughout EverBank Field. FASTSIGNS of Jacksonville produced new wayfinding signage to help fans get in and out of the stadium smoother as well as find their seats easier. They printed approximately 3,500 sqft of 3M IJ8624 textured surface file and installed new wayfinding vinyl wraps directly to concrete at almost every pillar in the stadium. They also printed 2,000 sqft of both 3M IJ180Cv3 and 3M 1540-10R to cover existing signage with the new Jaguars logo. FASTSIGNS of Jacksonville used 35 sheets of aluminum that was printed, bent, and installed to add a bold entrance at each gate. In addition, they printed 175 sheets of coroplast, 40 sheets of PVC, some magnetic, 500 feet of double-sided banner, and bow flags and frames. All of the signage was created and installed within a two-week deadline.

Customer: New Haven Housing Authority

Location: New Haven, CT

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS of Milford

Flight Date: August 28, 2013

FASTSIGNS of Milford worked with the New Haven Housing Authority (NHHA) to help re-vitalize the NHHA’s commitment to improving the daily life’s experience for their employees and guests who work at and visit the center.

FASTSIGNS of Milford installed:

  • Exterior window blinds for 23 of the 60 windows on the first floor. The window blinds are complete and photos included. The balance of the windows will have 2nd surface vinyl applied
  • 2nd Floor hallway wall paper graphics and selected photos printed on canvas. Project is almost complete. Photos of work to date are included
  • Foyer and reception areas to have all surfaces covered with printed vinyl, wall paper and printed faux etching. Final art work and install 1st Qtr 2014
  • 3rd floor executive offices. Various photos printed on canvas and mounted to simple wood framing, providing a natural look of photo art; faux etching and large images and photos printed on canvas and mounted in their board room.

CommVerge Marketing prepared all of the photo selections, graphic design, and final art layout. Materials were purchased from Quality Imaging Supplies, Grimco, Fellers, and Texton Inc.

Customer: Galactic Marketing

Location: Memphis, TN

Production Shop: FASTSIGNS South Arlington

Flight Date: September-October 2013

In early August 2013, Galactic Marketing contacted FASTSIGNS South Arlington about a large trade show project they were working on. Their client was the Kubota Tractor Corporation. Kubota was hosting their National Dealer Convention in Memphis, TN in early October and wanted the FASTSIGNS team to manage the project.

FASTSIGNS South Arlington created, produced, and installed more than 120 PVC signs used for a variety of needs including encasing large pillars throughout the convention floor, 100 foam core and coroplast directional signs used throughout the entire convention center as well as six neighboring hotels. In addition, the team was responsible for flags, pillar wraps, window graphics, trade show displays, and a variety of banners as large as 11x26 feet. A three-man team traveled from Dallas/Fort Worth to Memphis and installed the graphics in three days. Once the show ended, the same team returned and disassembled the project