Editor's Note: Print Is Everywhere!

Print is deceptively ubiquitous. As members of the visual communications and graphic arts industry, we are probably drawn to print more so than the general public. We may notice the quality of the newspaper we’re reading as we commute into work on public transportation. We probably look a little more closely at some of the signs and graphics we see as we travel through the day—in many cases to check how they were installed and the materials they used. We may smile when we see another local business’ delivery vehicle wrapped in graphics, advertising for the company as it drives around the streets of our town.

While those might be some of the more obvious places we see print, print is all around us and touches our lives throughout the day, every day.

But while we are very aware of the impact print has on our daily lives, I don’t think that can be said for the vast majority of people in the world. When most people look at a tube of toothpaste or a cereal box, what do they see? They see a part of their daily hygiene routine and their favorite breakfast food. But without print, those items are just simply a tube and a box of some unknown item.

Is there a way to make people aware of the impact of print in their everyday lives? I think there is—and I hope all of our readers will be willing and able to help with a little social media project.

MyPRINTResource is launching a special hashtag project—#PrintIsEverywhere—on Facebook and Twitter and we’re looking to engage with vendors and PSPs, their customers, and their customers’ customers.

We want to show people what the world would be like without print.

Picture a mall without signage, a restaurant without menus, and a business meeting without business cards. Can you imagine opening your kitchen refrigerator and it’s full of products without any printed packaging at all? Or, what would happen if you went to a grocery store for your weekly shopping trip and everything looked the same—aisles and aisles of plain white boxes and label-less jars.

If letters, catalogs, magazines, and billing statements didn’t fill our mailboxes anymore, how would we communicate and share information? While electronic media has taken the place of some previously mailed items, what would become of that treasured coffee table book, the favorite recipe we pulled from a magazine, or the custom photobook you made of your last family vacation?

Help us bring awareness to print and join our #PrintIsEverywhere campaign. Retweet, repost, and share our posts. Create some of your own images that illustrate a world without print and use the hashtag #PrintIsEverywhere in your posts.

Let’s see where this social media project can take us.