Application Spotlight: The Ark Finds a Home in San Antonio

Customer: Rudkin Productions

Production Shop: Signs Now San Antonio

Flight Date: March 2013 to present

Project: Create and install wallpaper inside a 28,800 sqft children's building called "The Ark"

When the Cornerstone Church was looking to update its children day care and learning facility, they didn’t think small. According to Scott Milgrom, owner, Signs Now San Antonio, The Cornerstone Church wanted to create a fun place for learning and worship for children, and Noah’s Ark was the perfect backdrop. Cornerstone turned to Rudkin Productions, an advertising agency in Boerne, TX which designed all the wall art, and Signs Now San Antonio, who printed all of the graphics for the classrooms.

“As you enter the building, you are actually entering the belly of the ark. Each room has a different theme, from the Africa room to the Cold room which includes polar bears and penguins,” said Milgrom. “This project involved a lot of man hours to complete. We made several trips to the location to get exact measurements to avoid fixtures, doors, and anything that would affect the design.”

Once the design was finalized, Signs Now San Antonio only had a month to print and install all the rooms. According to Milgrom, his team finished in 37 days. Signs Now San Antonio worked directly with the ad agency and a local wallpaper hanger to coordinate the prints and timing. “We were always trying to stay a room ahead. While one room was installing, we were printing the next room. All the trim and prep were done on site.”

Signs Now San Antonio printed everything on an HP L25500 printer with HP inks. The material used was HP PVC-free wallpaper. According to Milgrom, his client chose this material for its green properties, and they really liked that the inks were latex-based so they were also eco-friendly and didn’t have the toxic smells of a solvent based printer.

Signs Now 105 was started by three retired Air Force Colonels back in 1991. Milgrom began his career in the sign business in 1991 in Naperville, IL, working for a Signs Now franchise. “I was a graphic design student and thought the sign business would be a great place to start. It was, because I never left!”

After working there for 14 years and learning all aspects of the business, Milgrom moved to San Antonio. He purchased Signs Now 105 in November 2004. “We have had great growth over the years and currently have eight full-time employees. We are always looking to continuing our growth. We are hoping to move into a larger facility and expand our services to our clients.”