FiberMark Specifier Award Winners Strut their Stuff

FiberMark, a manufacturer of paperboards, fiber-based covering materials, and print media, announced the winners of its 20th Annual Specifier Awards.

The company launched the awards program in 1992, to honor projects created using the company’s materials and that showcase the best of color, texture, pattern, and design. The awards touch a myriad of industries and applications, drawing nominations from packaging, publishing, office products, graphic arts, and industrial applications.

The project winners stand as a testament to the collaborative process necessary for achieving a successful end result, with designer, printer, and manufacturer combining talents to ensure the end product meets its end use requirements.

Looking just at the four top award winners, it is interesting to note that the participating printers and/or manufacturers are all family businesses, with third- and fourth-generation members now running the firm.

Kudos to all the award winners, and the standard of excellence they bring to the industry.

The Green Award

Under the direction of Kate Stites, Senior Graphic Designer, Brown-Forman Corporation earned The Green Award for its Jack Daniel’s packaging. The collection was constructed using FiberMark’s Dorset and Dorset Duplex rigid and durable paperboard stocks. Due to the boxes’ construction, the plastic typically used in secondary packaging was not necessary, and the boxes maintained their integrity in the retail environment, despite all the typical manhandling. The packaging was printed and manufactured by TPC Printing and Packaging in Chattanooga, Tennesse, now in its third generation of ownership by the Schmissrauter family.

Best of Show-Gold

Home Box Office’s [HBO] Game of Thrones VIP Mailer, printed by New York City’s Green Earth Enterprise, took home the Best of Show-Gold Award.  HBO Art Director Anthony Viola designed this multi-part "invitation" box. Each box is wrapped in FiberMark’s line of Pellaq by Skivertex with an interior featuring Pellaq Snakeskin.  Green Earth Enterprise, a fourth-generation family-owned business that celebrates its 100th birthday next year, looks to make every job it prints “as green as possible,” says Andy Hort, chief environmental officer.

Best of Show-Silver

Best of Show-Silver went to Nike’s Double Shoe Box, manufactured using FiberMark’s Carbon-X by Corvon. The design for the box was developed to be a presentation along with offering a functional aspect, creating a box that one would want to keep and not just toss away. Manufactured and printed by Portland, Oregon’s Premier Press, Inc., family-owned and operated for over 35 years.

Best of Show-Bronze

Stranger & Stranger designed this playing card self-promotion box, using Silktouch Nuba by Skivertex to cover the box, and winning a Best of Show-Bronze award. The intricate foil and emboss decorations helped create this eye-catching package design. Collaborating on the box were Eye4Packaging in Frankfort, Illinois and printer and manufacturer Holum and Sons, in Wesmont, IL. Established in 1933, Holum and Sons Co., Inc. has been family owned and operated for four generations

Additional award winners include:

Category: Electronic Accessories
Winner: I-PAL Easel and I-PAL Notes
Designer & Manufacturer: Dominion Blueline, Inc.
Material: Pellaq by Skivertex, Kivar 7

Category: DVD Packaging
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Printer & Manufacturer: Multi Packaging Solutions
Specifier: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Material: Hyflex 7

Category: Diary/Date Book
Collins A51 Rio Diary
Specifier: Colin Nagel
Printer Manufacturer & Publisher: Croxley Stationery
Material: Shimmer by Corvon

Category: Sample Case
Nordale Graphics
Publisher, Designer, Specifier, Company: Nordale Graphics
Manufacturer: Luxury Packaging
Material: Iridescents by Corvon

Category: Gift Packaging
Burndy – Connecting Power to Your World
Company: Burndy LLC
Designer: Marcom4
Manufacturer: Clients First Inc.
Material: Metal-X by Corvon

Category: Binder
Global CFO Council
Manufacturer: The Union Group-David Comonitz
Material: LaCrema

Category: Art Publishing
Qin Jian Ming’s Painting Collection
Designer & Specifier: Hao Lu
Printer: Jingyi Printing Co.
Manufacturer & Publisher: Art Publishing Company
Material: SuedeTex

Category: Wine/Spirits
Penfolds Gift Box
Company: Buzz Products
Printer: STS Creative Printing
Manufacturer: Pandoras Boxes
Material: Mano by Corvon

Category: Office Products
Expandable Folder
Manufacturer: Tricomm Int’l Corp/Huasheng Stationery Co. Ltd.
Material: Red Wallet

Category: Retail Packaging
SRT Viper
Company: Chrysler Group LLC
Designer: EPI Marketing Services
Printer: Delta Press Ltd.
Manufacturer: Chicago Paper Tube & Can Co.
Material: Senzo by Corvon

Category: Brochure
Colornet Press
Company: Bloch & Coulter Designer Group
Designers: Thomas Bloch, Victoria Coulter
Art Director: Thomas Bloch
Printer: Colornet Press
Publisher & Artist: Frances Pelzman Liscio
Material: Touche

Category: Yearbook
The Buzzer 2012
Designer & Publisher: The Buzzer Staff, Brookville HS; Amber Winfield, Editor-in-Chief
Printer, Manufacturer & Specifier: Herff Jones, Inc.
Material: Metallics by Skivertex, Bling by Corvon

Category: Fragrance Packaging
The Contemporary Eau Du Cologne
Specifier: Thirdman, Inc.
Material: Senzo by Corvon

Category: Sales Presentation Kit
One Hundred Years Insurance Card Box
Company, Printer, Manufacturer: Prestar Packaging, Inc.
Designer: Taylor Chrisman
Specifier: One Hundred Years, LLC
Material: LaCrema

Category: Menu
Casa D’Angelo Menus
Company: Brand Tango, Inc.
Designer: James Kluetz, Paul Cooper, Fernanda Gomes, Joe Russoniello
Printer: FastKit Corporate Outfits, Inc.
Material: Iridescents by Corvon

Category: Agenda
Blueline Monthly Planner
Company, Printer, Manufacturer: Dominion Blueline
Designer: Dominion Blueline Inc./Mirazed Inc.
Material: Skivertex Recover 17

Category: Jewelry Packaging
Marilyn Monroe Jewelry Boxes
Designer: Dan Chase of Jewelry Television
Specifier: Jewelry Television
Manufacturer: Michigan City Paper Box Company
Material: Pellaq by Skivertex

Category: Entertainment Packaging
Boardwalk Empire - Sophisticated
Specifier: Home Box Office
Manufacturer: United Paper Box
Material: Shimmer by Corvon

Category: Invitation
Discover Show Invitation Card
Designer: Danny Leung
Specifier: Winter & Co Ltd.
Manufacturer: Mee Kwong Printed Limited
Material: Touche, Shimmer by Corvon

Category: Decorative Bag
Adolfo Dominguez
Company, Manufacturer & Printer: Bolsas y Papeles Morysan S.A. de C.V.
Designer & Specifier: Adolfo Dominguez
Material: Bag Stock

Category: DVD Packaging
The Bible; The Men Who Built America; The Vikings
Company: The History Channel
Specifier: Print Promotions, Inc.
Material: Shadow by Corvon

Category: Ticket Package
Ryder Cup Gala
Company: The PGA of America
Designer & Specifier: Patricia Fairbanks
Printer: Southeastern Printing
Material: Touche

Category: Wallcovering
Anichini Wallcovering Collection
Designer & Company: Anichini
Manufacturer & Printer: Len-Tex Corporation
Material: Hyflex 9

Category: Storage Box
Legacy Box
Manufacturer: Systematic Filing Products
Material: Silktouch Nuba by Skivertex, Archival Folder Stock

Category: Wine & Spirits Promotion
The Chivas Brothers’ Blend
Manufacturer: FastKit Corporate Outfits, Inc.
Material: Pellaq by Skivertex

Category: Confectionary Packaging
Christmas Luxury Box
Company & Specifier: TA Milano S.P.A.
Designer: Tancredi Alemagna
Manufacturer: PREACPI S.R.C.
Material: Mano by Skivertex

Category: Cosmetic Packaging
2013 Maybelline New York
Company: Maybelline, LLC
Specifier: Print Promotions, Inc.
Material: Shadow by Corvon

Category: Folio
The Black Folio & Binder
Designer: Kenneth Ericson, Jeff Ericson, Sandra Braford
Specifier, Printer, Manufacturer & Publisher: Deer River Folio Co., Inc.
Material: Skivertex Recover 22, Skivertex

Category: Graphic Novel
Absolute Batman: Dark Victory
Publisher: DC Comics
Printer: RR Donnelley & Sons Company
Material: Skivertex

Category: Decorative Packaging
Company: InnerWorkings, Inc.
Designer & Specifier: James Brett
Printer: Nelson Graphic Screen Printers
Manufacturer: Elegant Packaging
Material: Kivar 7

Category: Religious Publishing
New Testament Psalms Proverbs
Publisher & Specifier: The Gideons International
Printer & Manufacturer: National Publishing Company
Material: Kivar 7

Category: Religious Publishing
Holy Bible
Publisher & Specifier: The Gideons International
Printer & Manufacturer: National Publishing Company
Material: Kivar 7 Plus

Category: Presentation Kit
Royal Resorts President’s Circle Member Kit
Company: Brand Tango, Inc.
Designers: Paul Cooper, James Kluetz, Fernando Gomes, Mike Hoesten, Joe Russoniello
Printer: FastKit Corporate Outfits, Inc. & Dodd Communications
Material: Metallics by Skivertex

Category: Trade Publishing/Soft Cover
Designer: Han Qing Tang
Specifier: Jim Qiang Yang.
Printer: Jiang Yang Printing Co.
Manufacturer & Publisher: Nanjing University
Material: Touche

Category: Presentation
Pantone Fashion & Home
Designer: Smith Design
Specifier: Pantone LLC
Manufacturer: All State Paper Box
Material: Shimmer by Corvon

Category: DVD Packaging
Specifier: Print Promotions, Inc.
Material: Shimmer by Corvon

Category: Wallcovering
Sapphire/Wall Coverings Collection
Designer: Michael Angelisanti
Specifier: Wallquest Inc.
Manufacturer: Fox Group, Inc.
Material: Iridescents by Corvon

Category: Self Promotion
Designer, Specifier, Printer, Manufacturer & Publisher: Multi Packaging Solutions
Material: Hyflex 7

Category: Desk Accessories
Organicept Desk Series – Deep Sea Contempo Desk Set
Company & Manufacturer: Wasmer & Yuen SC
Designers: Monica L. Yuen and Leonhard A. Wasmer
Publisher: Promotion Precisa SA de CV
Material: Pellaq by Skivertex, Mano by Corvon

Category: Press Kit
Showtime House of Lies
Specifier: Showtime Networks
Manufacturers: Candid Litho Printing LTD, LB Bookbinding LLC
Material: Metallics by Skivertex

Category: Self Promotion
TBC Perfect Edge Promo
Designer: Ken Byrne
Manufacturer: Taylor Box Company
Material: Multicolor

Category: Stationery
Ocean Edge Executive Desk Set
Specifier: Jamie O’Neil
Manufacturer: Advanced Looseleaf Technologies
Material: LaCrema

Category: Sales Promotion
Virgin Airlines Promotion Box
Designer & Manufacturer: Trusty Cases & Boxes
Specifier: David Dooley
Material: Senzo by Corvon

Category: Presentation Kit
Quadrus Group of Funds
Printer: Flash Reproductions
Material: Touche, Metallics by Skivertex

Category: Sales Kit
Avery Dennison Swatch Folder
Company: Brand Tango, Inc.
Designer, Printer & Manufacturer: Pandoras Boxes
Material: Silktouch Nuba by Skivertex

Category: Brochure
Shuster Wealth Management Group Brochure
Designer & Specifier: Heidi Workman
Printer: Total Printing Company
Material: Sedona Cover

Category: Fragrance Packaging
Specifier: Trish McEvoy
Manufacturer: Disc Graphics, Inc
Material: Hyflex 7

Category: Yearbook
2013 Villa Montemar – Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, CA
Publisher: Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Designers: Michelle North and Villa Montemar Yearbook Staff
Specifier, Printer & Manufacturer: Walsworth Publishing Company
Material: Skivertex

Category: Diary/Date Book
Estrella Manager
Company, Publisher, Designer, Specifier, Printer & Manufacturer: Talleres Estrellas, S.A. de C.V.
Material: Silktouch Nuba by Skivertex

Category: Reference Publishing
Wan Ding Painting Collection
Publisher: Shanxi People’s Art Publishing Company
Designer: Hao Lu
Specifier: Ding Wan
Printer & Manufacturer: Shanxi Wuxin Art Printing Co.
Material: Touche

Category: Financial Packaging
MasterCard Black Bank Credit Card Carrier
Company & Manufacturer: Taylor Box Company
Designer: David Shedd
Material: Silktouch Nuba by Skivertex