Editor's Note: Friend or Foe?

Digital signage can been a touchy topic for many print-centric PSPs. They argue that digital signs are pulling money away from printed or fabricated signs—and in some cases that is true. We’ve all seen examples of digital signage replacing printed signage.

But is digital signage your enemy or could it help to make you a hero to your customers? Eye-catching digital and interactive signs attract attention with colorful and captivating content. They can help to boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI), and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Digital signs, as part of a larger visual communications program that includes printed and fabricated components, can be just what your customer needs. With that thought in mind, this summer MyPRINTResource launched a special multi-part series focusing on digital signage, detailing everything you need to know about it. Be sure to check out the first parts in the series and make sure you are signed up to receive the weekly Wide Format Signage eNewsletter where you can gain easy access to upcoming articles.

Digital Signage Transforms Signs from a Product to a Service: At this stage in the evolution of digital signage, sign producers have questions about nearly every aspect of digital signage. MyPRINTResource.com/11442502

Digital Signage Requires Advanced Skills—But Not Necessarily the Ones You Would Expect: It’s not necessarily true that you need an advanced degree in computer science to offer and deploy a digital signage system. MyPRINTResource.com/11532581

Content Creation for Digital Signage: Some Familiar Tools, Some New Directions: A certain level of technological proficiency is required to make DDS work, but what about content? Where does it come from? MyPRINTResource.com/11567619

Look for these upcoming topics on the first of each month:

  • September: Digital Signage Pricing & Business Models
  • October: Digital Signage: Economics vs. Print
  • November: How to Sell Digital Signage
  • December: Vertical Markets for Digital Signage
  • January: Integrating Digital Signage, a Case Study for Sign Shops

Making digital signage a part of your services might give you the competitive edge you need to increase profits.