Application Spotlight: Graphics Renovation at PNC Park

Customer: PNC Park and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Production Shop: Image360 – Pittsburgh West

Flight Date: 2014 - Present

Project: Graphics makeover for Legacy Square at PNC Park

For Image360 – Pittsburgh West, what started as a makeover of Budweiser Bowtie Bar at PNC Park, ended with a large-scale graphics renovation to the Pittsburgh Pirates Legacy Square. This area of the park is set aside to honor the past achievements of the organization as well as notable former Negro League Players.

With Legacy Square not attracting the attention the Pirates organization felt it needed; and other graphics renovations being completed at PNC; the Pirates turned their attention to this important historical area. It’s no wonder that PNC, as well as parks across the country, are undergoing visual makeovers inside their facilities. With the global sports industry worth between $480 to $620 billion; according to a recent A.T. Kearney study of sports teams, leagues and federations; many teams are investing in new avenues to attract and entertain their park visitors; and PNC is no exception.

“We were originally contacted by the agency for Budweiser looking for a local company to makeover the Budweiser Bowtie Bar at PNC Park,” explained Image360 Owner Dave Jones. “After working with the Pirates in the past, we were quite familiar with the projects going on at the park and happy to assist. As fate would have it, during the installation of the Bowtie Bar, another project needing immediate attention came into sight.”

The Legacy Square area was in need of a new sponsor name and graphics reboot. To begin, Image360 removed a 30-inch by 30-foot aluminum panel, stripping off the old sponsor name and reinstalling a newly refurbished “Title Sign”.  There were two 1’ thick hardened Steel I-beams containing these signs, one having individual LED backlit letters, the other dimensional lettering. The Image360 team then removed the existing letters and replaced all letters.

“The challenges, other than working around the Pirates home schedule, was to re-locate the letters and drill through the 1” thick I beams, while eliminating all evidence of the former layout (including previous holes in the I beams),” explained Jones.

Image360 was then tasked with providing concepts and solutions to give the “wow” factor the Pirates organization wanted.  To restore old information Kiosks that were used to tell a story and Bios of the Negro League Players, Image360 used a weather-proof, graffiti-resistant, anti-scratch material called Alumicolor. It is created with a process that directly embeds inks into the pores of thin aluminum sheets causing a near indestructible finish.  Along with the Alumicolor panels, were thin aluminum footers placed on the baseplates to complete the transformation.

The next part of the area needing signage was the Legacy Theatre within Legacy Square. This indoor theatre took fans through the history of the team, showing various memorabilia and photography of past and present Pirates players.

“The Pirates wanted a display inside which showed the timeline of the team - from its establishment, to each logo change over the years, to all of the achievements throughout its history,” said Jones.

To complete this part of the project Image360 created a 4x16 foot by half inch PVC Timeline mounted to the wall using stainless steel standoffs.  At the exterior entrance of the theatre, a large dimensional sign was mounted above, along with an illuminated Blade sign and various window graphics and panels.

“I was very proud of my team of consummate professionals after completing this project,” explained Jones. “All of the visual communications solutions Image360 provided were met with continuous praise from all levels within the Pirates organization.”