Rest Stop

I just got back from a week on the road at the Media Days event for Print ‘09 in Chicago and the ICED annual conference in Houston. I’m home long enough to do laundry and then out again to do a keynote at a Xerox Thought Leadership Workshop in Rochester, NY. A couple of random thoughts as I wait for my dress shirts to dry. I completely understand the rationale behind Media Days. Gather together as much of the worldwide trade press as possible so that Print ‘09 vendors can make their show pitches just once to the gathered media multitudes. (Actually, there were only 50 editors there.) Eight presentations a day for two days might sound like death by PowerPoint, but there was actually some interesting stuff. While a lot of the vendors played it a little close to the vest—waiting for the big reveal at the show—others made their big show play at the media event. Most notably, RISO announced the worldwide debut of its new line of affordable inkjet color printers that run between 90 and 150 ppm. It’s not high-end color, but will give printers the option of selling full-color on a lot of formerly spot color jobs. I finally got smart and shipped all the press kits to myself so I wouldn’t have to lug them down to Texas. The package hasn’t shown up yet, so you’ll have to wait a while for more details. After sitting on the runway in Chicago for two hours waiting out a line of thunder and lightening storms, I finally got down to Houston and the 97°, 100% humidity weather. Had a nice time with the ICED folks, who told me their trade show had 80 exhibitors. After presenting the Quick Printing Magazine Business Excellence Award to Mike and Kathy Maguire, owners of a Kwik Kopy Business Center in Lakeville, MN, I grabbed a few ZZZs before winging my way home last night. The dryer buzzer informs me that my shirts are dry so that’s it for now. I won’t be out as long this week and will let you know how the Xerox workshop turned out.