Live From Print 09

Well, it’s day four at Print 09 and so far it has been a mixed bag. It’s really hard to judge attendance as compared to last year’s Graph Expo since this show stretches out two days longer and is in two halls instead of one. First day was very light, although I talked to some vendors who said the quality of the leads was pretty good. Saturday was better, but still not overwhelming. Sunday, the same. However, today (Monday) saw a pretty large herd of folks lined up for the show floor to open. Thus far, the highlight of the show has been the Xerox press event at the U2 concert. Sure, the music was great, but they had a light show that would be the envy of anybody who works in color. As far as the Print show goes, you really couldn’t tell from the exhibits of the major vendors (Kodak, Xerox, Heidelberg, EFI, xpedx, etc.) that we were in economic hard times. I’ll be very interested in how the rest of the show plays out, but even more interested in getting home and sleeping in my own bed.