Merger Mania

Somewhere over Texas at around 35,000 feet I found myself thinking about the latest skirmish in the association consolidation battle. (That was after I was thinking about the drink cart that was coming down the aisle.) Seems as if PIA again has approached NAPL with the idea of consolidation in mind. Oddly, they phrased their tentative offer as "extending an olive branch," which doesn't make much sense unless there's a war going on. NAPL said thanks, but no thanks, although they left the door open for increased cooperation. I think that's a good move on NAPL's part. Both association have their own strengths and weaknesses and they complement each other in many ways. They also compete for membership, which is good for printers. What I hope that they both remember is that -- despite what some folks say -- the backbone of both is the small and medium sized commercial printer. For PIA that's on the chapter level. For NAPL that's the majority of their membership. They forget that at their peril.