Getting Personal Online

People buy from people, but for some printers, it looks like their shop is a cold and impersonal facility with equipment and that’s all. Most quick printers could benefit by making their websites more personal and welcoming to customers. Photos of the staff and facilities will make the site more recognizable to visitors. Personalization should also include individual email addresses for the CSR, prepress, and bookkeeping staff to make customers comfortable with contacting specific individuals. Many printing websites avoid any personalization. It is almost impossible to find a photo of an actual employee. I dare you to find contact information for a real person other than the company telephone number or a generic email address such as If you have a question, who would you call? If you work with someone at the shop, how do you contact them other than by telephone? What if you want to leave a message after working hours? Experts say a personalized website is more welcoming and attracts more visitors. Personalization makes it easier to communicate and develop a relationship with customers online. I recommend asking a few of your friends and associates to give you their honest opinions about how welcoming your site is. Does the website feel like it is an interface with a group of people behind it ready to help you? Or is it just another faceless information page on the Web? How does it compare to your competitors? Do they have a site that welcomes you to find out more about their company? Since most printers aren’t very proactive when seeking work, they will need to make their websites as warm, friendly, and hospitable as possible so a person will want to contact them for more information. More and more businesses get their first impression of another business from the Internet. You need to make sure you are putting your best face forward.