Do You Have A SmartPhone?

If you are printer, you need to invest in a smartphone. A smartphone is a cell phone with an Internet browser and a camera. What it does is open a new service opportunity for printers called mobile marketing. Mobile marketing links the print world with the Internet. By scanning a QR code that is on a printed piece, a smartphone user can be instantly directed to an Internet page on their smartphone’s browser. Mobile marketing is big in Europe and the Far East and it is just hitting the US. Printers should see any company that sells a product and has a website asking about including a QR code on their printed marketing material. Haven’t heard about QR codes? A recent episode of CSI New York featured a QR code as a clue in an investigation. The National Basketball Association used a QR code for a promotion during half time at this year’s All-Star game. HBO ran a special QR code in a television ad during the final episode of Lost. QR codes are quickly going mainstream in North America. If you are a printer, buy a smartphone and make sure you have a QR code reader application downloaded. You need the application to read the QR code. Then you will need to learn how to create QR codes for your customer. It is a simple process that is explained through hundreds of YouTube videos online. What is exciting is that mobile marketing will drive printing as more customers try to drive eyes to their websites. The QR code uses are unlimited and can make printed material even more powerful when linked to the Internet. Now printers will ready need to get a functional website to promote mobile marketing.