Emergency! Danger, Will Robinson!

I didn’t need a sci-fi robot to warn me of danger this weekend when a friend’s car accidentally crashed through the wall between our garage and our living room. There was no time for warnings. The whole thing happened in the blink of an eye. One second I was standing in the garage waiting for the driver to back in, the next second there was a gaping hole in the wall, the freezer was folded in half, and the back of the car was rolled up on top of the freezer and jutting into the living room. Electrical wiring, insulation, drywall, and busted 2x4s littered the area. The upside is that everyone is safe, including our pets. The car only has a few scratches on the bumper. We are all well insured, so it’s just a matter of coordinating adjusters, contractors, and whoever else needs to get involved in the process. Not the easiest thing to do over a holiday weekend, let me tell you. I have to confess, I was surprised by how well Bob and I handled the situation. It was just an accident, after all—stuff happens. Our friend called his insurance people, we called ours, then we cleared away all the debris, swept up, and put a big blue tarp over the hole in the wall. We even ran a heavy duty orange electrical cord into the living room so that we could get the lights back on (and the TV—it is football season, you know). So let me once again share a few things that you already know, but trust me, none of us really think about them on a daily basis. Accidents are, by definition, things that happen when you least expect them, so make sure you are well insured against the unexpected in your home, your life, and your business. The knowledge that we could count on our respective insurance companies made this experience easier on all of us. Also, be very, very careful what you ask for—as in, “Bob, we have just got to paint this living room.†Right! And finally, tell the important people in your life how much they mean to you, and do it often. If I’d been standing two feet to the left, this would be a very different story...and you wouldn’t be hearing it from me.