Doing the Daily

Graph Expo 2010 is now in the rear view mirror. After so many years of attending the show, I got a really different perspective on things this time around. You probably know that the Cygnus Graphics Media group, which includes QP, produced the Graph Expo Show Daily this year. What you may not realize is that this was the first time ever that the Show Daily was available in digital form. That's not only a technological step forward, it also means that this was the first time the publication was ever available to people who were not actually in Chicago to attend the show. That was brought sharply to our attention when we received a call from a non-exhibiting vendor on the last day of the show asking if they could buy an ad in the Show Daily. I was pleased that the company rep recognized the potential power of reaching out to such a huge audience, but there was an element of "Helloooo...this is the last day of the show. There won't be another edition until next year." Still it felt good to know that people out there were paying attention. Graph Expo is always a busy time, but meeting daily deadlines is a new game for me. Monthly deadlines, I understand. Since we put out a weekly e-newsletter, I've become accustomed to weekly deadlines as well. I don't particularly view daily website updates as a deadline; it's just a daily task. So, yeah, daily deadlines were something new. It was hectic. It was exciting. It was one heck of a wild ride. But I'm glad it's over (until next year), and I don't believe I'll go looking for a job in daily newspapers any time soon.