Reading the Signs

I just got back from the SGIA show in Las Vegas and, in defiance of the Sin City advertising campaign slogan, I'm going to tell you something that happened in Vegas--nothing very sexy, but interesting, nonetheless.

SGIA stands for the Specialty Graphics Imaging Association and it started out as an association for screen printers. Some 61% of attendees at the 2010 show came from the print and graphics industry, another 25% from the garment industry, and 11% from the industrial printing segment.Today, the garment industry seems to be the last stronghold of screen printing with 77.9% of garment printers doing mostly or exclusively screen printing, with the rest doing digital printing to some degree.

On the other hand, digital has swept the wide-format printing and graphics segment with 43.8% of companies doing exclusively digital printing and 28.7% doing primarily digital printing. Some 9.8% do digital and screen printing in equal amounts, while 17.5% do both with the majority being screen printing. Only 1% of companies are exclusively screen printers.

There is no doubt that digital has changed the quick and small commercial printing industry segment. It is interesting to see what impact it is having on this related segment of the print and graphics industry.