QP Gets a New Look

Thank you to those of you who have already sent feedback about Quick Printing’s new logo. It first appeared on the January issue and is now on our website and e-newsletter. So far, everyone who has commented on the new look has been very positive. A couple of you even noticed the new layout for our feature articles. Everyone who works on this publication is very proud of it and deeply committed to the industry we serve. So when we had a chance to not only give QP a makeover, but to do so with the guidance and advice of J.C. Suares, we jumped at the opportunity. J.C.’s name may not be familiar to you, but you have certainly seen his work. He has redesigned some of the hottest selling consumer publications on the market. We are exceptionally fortunate that he is now a consultant to our parent company Cygnus Business Media. Bringing his own considerable design talents (and a world of patience) to the table is QP’s own art director John Sidor, who made the vision reality. There is an updated look and feel to every aspect of the publication, and you will see the final product in the February issue. While January showcases the new logo and feature layout, in our next issue, you’ll discover a new look for the table of contents, editorial, Update, and the columns. The more current look and feel will migrate throughout Quick Printing’s branding on the website, in the digitial edition, and our weekly e-newsletter. The entire team put a lot of work into this makeover, so we hope that you’ll enjoy it. Just wait until you see what’s next. Hint: By spring, all things print are going to get really exciting on the Web!