Make Your Business Card Memorable

By John Foley, CEO, Grow Socially Don’t you hate handing out your business cards with the fear of prospects forgetting who it belonged to moments after they leave your sight? Two tools you can use to keep your business card on someone’s mind are QR Codes and YouTube. If you use these together for your business card, it will remind the prospect of who you are, what your business is, where you met them, and how your business can help them. Adding these to your business card will also give you an idea of when and how many people view your cards after you give them away. QR Codes are a great way for you to connect any type of print with any link on the Internet using a smart phone. Because of this special ability, QR Codes on your business card can lead prospects to personalized videos of you that can be played via YouTube directly from one’s phone. By attaching your card to a personable video of yourself, the card can inform your prospect of who you are even after you part ways from them. Are you wondering what the content of the video should be? Simple! The video should have you explain who you are, what company you belong to, and why people should use your business for the particular service you offer. If you attend a lot of trade shows and conferences, you can even customize a video for each of those shows, by saying, “Hi, it was great meeting you at the so-and-so conference!†If you do customize a video for different shows, make sure you link each video to their own QR Code. You may start worrying about the costs, but there is no need to worry there. Some services, such as, offer very affordable QR Codes that are trackable as well. You would be able to create as many QR Codes as you would like for a small charge, and you would also be able to view how many people scanned your business card’s QR Code, and how many followed the link to watch your video. So before you print out more business cards that simply state your name, company, and its logo, you should think about how effective and appealing that would be to a prospect a week later. Will they remember who you are when they have 50 other cards that look just like yours? Stay fresh in their mind by directing them to a personable and informative YouTube video of yourself by simply printing a QR Code onto your business card. It will remind them of why they spoke to you and the prospect will be impressed by your creative use of the card’s space!