Expense or Investment?

Shortly after we climbed through 10,000 feet, I took out my netbook and logged onto Gogo to re-check some statistics for the keynote presentation I was to give the next day at the PostNet convention in Las Vegas. I usually don't wait until the last minute to finalize presentations, but I had been on the road at the Vision 3 Summit and On Demand in the days immediately prior to this late night flight. After confirming some numbers, I double checked a quote from NAPL's new State of the Industry report: "We must clearly distinguish between what's an expense and what's an investment in our business." While doing so, I realized that I had just spent nearly two weeks observing people who were investing in their businesses and in themselves. Of course, attending Vision 3, the On Demand educational sessions, and the upcoming PostNet conference involved expenses—some bigger than others. Attending also was an investment, which brought rewards in terms of education, networking, and growth. To my way of thinking, the folks at these three events were investing in themselves and their businesses. Those folks who did not attend may have saved some expenses, but they made no investments. As the NAPL quote continued: "Remembering that investing in our business—whether financially, strategically, or operationally—is not an expense but rather a prerequisite for sustainable growth is a critical step toward establishing a growth mentality." As I have said many times in the past, the people who attend conferences and educational events already "get it." Those who don't are, as the old saying goes, are "penny wise and pound foolish."