Any Way You Want It

Is it just me or are we seeing a lot more of the high-end cars wrapped in all sorts of graphics and films? I'm not talking about the high-end cars you normally see tooling about on the highways and byways across the country. Epson America, Avery Graphics, and SkinzWraps joined forces to wrap a Bugatti Veyron during SEMA 2010. Take for example the Seiko "Ultimate Wrap Experience" at SGIA. Each day of the show APE Wraps wrapped a $400,000 Rolls Royce in various designs. Granted it was a demo, but the car certainly was amazing to look at. You can see pictures of the car (and wrap) on the front cover of WFI's SGIA 2010 Post Show Guide. And then a week or so later, SkinzWraps took it up another notch at SEMA. Partnering with Epson and Avery Graphics, Peter Salaverry's SkinzWraps wrapped a Bugatti Veyron –with an estimate value of $1.7 million. Now if that's not high-end, I don't know what else to call it. I think what's more interesting, however, is how wide-format digital printing—specifically when it comes to vehicle personalization—has really made its way into the consumer market. A few years ago you wouldn't have seen Epson or Mutoh or Mimaki at SEMA. It's a consumer show. But now, they're all there demonstrating vehicle personalization—and drawing hundreds of people to their booths. I think that's one of the best things about digital printing—the ability to personalize and customize. We can see the benefits of variable data printing when it comes to direct marketing, and how those response rates skyrocket when the piece is personalized and customized to the interests of the person receiving the direct mail piece. People like to be catered to. They like to feel like people show an interest in what they like. People like to stand out from the crowd, to be different, to be an individual. And now with vehicle graphics, you can. You don't have to buy the red or green or blue car anymore—so you can stand out in the flood of silver and white and black cars on the road. Now you can show everyone your interests and the things that you are really passionate about in the ride you drive. Now, it's more than just the car. It's also how it's designed and personalized. And the interest at the SEMA show is not an isolated incident. We can see how some of the big car companies have already realized this is another way for them to stand out. Both Mini and Ford offer programs that allow you to customize the look of your car with vehicle graphics so when it's delivered to you, it's exactly how you want it. While B-to-B vehicle wraps might be a mainstay (fleet  wraps, delivery vans) for your business, but are you pursuing the consumer  market yet with vehicle graphics? It might be something to consider.