Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

For quite a while, I was a somewhat reluctant adopter of social media. LinkedIn seemed a promising tool for business and Quick Printing had a semi-lively discussion group. Twitter was a good way to push breaking news out into the marketplace for those who cared to follow. But for the life of me, I just couldn’t imagine what advantage Facebook would offer to a B2B magazine/website/information source such as ours. Unless you’re an advertiser, we don’t sell anything. Even if you are an advertiser, we don’t send out coupons or offer surprise weekend specials. We don’t have roving celebrities, so there’s no need to post our whereabouts for people who want to snap our photos or ask for our autographs. I can just see the posting now: “Bob and Karen Hall are at the Lowes in Kanawha City to pick up a truckload of mulch for their garden…get there now and you can meet them in person. Rumor has it that at least one of their dogs is waiting in the vehicle!†QP just isn’t that kind of publication. However, since the launch of our new MyPrintResource.com portal, everyone on staff for all three titles has started a Facebook page for business use. I’ve seldom been so surprised by anything. Suddenly, I have way more “friends†on my work Facebook page than I have on my personal one. And the vast majority of them are people I have actually met and know by name. For that matter, I’d wager that over the years I’ve had drinks with most of them! The Facebook conversations do touch on printing sometimes, but it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about my industry pals (and even some of my co-workers) in such a short time. I get it now. It’s about community. It’s about the kind of conversations we share at trade shows, franchise conventions, and association gatherings…only we don’t have to wait for those events to have them. This is too cool! So if you haven’t done so yet or if I haven’t reached out to you, look me up on Facebook and let’s connect. I’m sure we have lots of catching up to do.