In the Eye of the Storm

Spring is always a busy time for the Quick Printing staff. First there’s the Annual Franchise Review in the April issue, followed by the Top 100 for the June issue. Spring and number crunching just seem to go together around here. This year’s Top 100 is finished and looking good. Overall sales were up by 7.27%, sales per shop was up, sales per employee grew, the number of locations held steady, and for the first time in years, the number of employees was also on the rise. In previous years that would be a job well done and we would settle into the rhythm of our regular production schedule as we reach the season for attending franchise conventions. That’s not the case this year. We have a new project in the works that is really exciting: the first-ever Quick Printing Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards will give you the chance to vote on the best and most useful products that have been introduced in the past year. The awards will be presented at Graph Expo this September. The ballot will be available soon, and you won’t have any problem finding it. It will be available on and we’ll be promoting the competition in print, e-blasts, and in our social media networking efforts. We’re also gearing up to do the preliminary work for this year’s four issues of the Graph Expo Show Daily. That publication requires a lot of behind the scenes work that has to be done before anyone ever sets foot in Chicago. It’s a lot of effort and very time consuming, but it’s worth every minute. There’s a real rush in successfully putting out a daily. For this brief week between the closing of the Top 100 and the beginning of the new projects, Bob and I are going to step back and take a much needed vacation. We’ll be back in the office after Memorial Day, rested and ready to take on the world. So keep your eyes open, because there’s a lot going on. is constantly growing and improving, the Quick Printing Readers’ Choice Awards are heading your way, and Bob and I will be seeing our franchisee friends on the convention circuit in the next couple of months. Then everything will culminate with Graph Expo in September. These are exciting times. Come along for the ride!