Dead Head Marketing

Like many of you, I subscribe to a magazine from the USPS called Deliver which offers information and pointers for marketing with direct mail. Obviously, those using direct mail are also using print. In one recent issue they interviewed the author of “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.” Needless to say, this offered a great opportunity for some throwback psychedelic graphics on the cover and in the article. (These brought back some very vivid memories, but that’s another story.) In addition, it provided a couple of tidbits of real advice for direct mail marketers. Among the admonitions: Be authentic, rethink traditional assumptions, develop a network, maintain a mailing list, and mix your marketing. However, two quotes really stood out for me. “What the band did was to create true partnerships with fans,” said co-author David Meerman Scott. “I’d like to see even more direct marketers figure out how to not just sell products, but also truly partner with the people they are trying to target.” And on a more immediate and practical note: “The purpose is not to sell something immediately, but instead, to develop someone who is a fan of your company into a customer who will buy more later.  I’m suggesting that people create content on the Web and use direct mail to talk about and promote it;  offline driving online.” If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up for free at There’s a lot of information here that you can use to help your direct mail customers get their message out effectively.