Book Two

Several years ago I wrote a book called: “Everything I Know About Service I Learned from my Dogâ€. It was fun to write and sold rather well. It contained such tidbits as “It’s hard to get worse when you practice,†and, “In the land of the rude, the polite can be kings.†Hardly earth-shattering observations, but true, nonetheless. Well, the muse (Clio, I believe) has moved me again and I am now at work on a second tome—title as yet to be determined. Target publication date is November and the subject is small business success. Where is all this material coming from? It is coming largely from my many years of observing and working with a great group of small business owners who happen to be in the printing business. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the book writing project and am entertaining title suggestions. And rest assured, I will make references to that great patriot, founding father, businessman, and printer Benjamin Franklin. There is a story told about Franklin during his years as a print shop owner that speaks somewhat to setting a sound pricing policy. A man came into his shop and spent some time browsing the various books that were for sale. He finally took one and asked the assistant what it cost. “One dollar,†he replied. “A dollar? Can’t you sell it for less?†“No. The price is one dollar.†“Well, let me see the owner then.†When Franklin came out of the back of the shop, the man again asked what the book cost. “One dollar and a quarter,†said Franklin. “But your assistant only wanted a dollar.†“Had you bought it from him it would have cost a dollar, but you have taken me away from the business I was engaged in.†Not taking the hint, the customer again asked how low Franklin would go on the price of the book. Said Franklin: “One dollar and a half. And the longer we discuss it the more of my time you are taking up and the more I’ll have to charge you.â€