One More Time

I’m going back to Las Vegas, but not for anything to do with printing. Frankly, now and then I need a break from the printing industry. I’ve just spent more than a week at the NAQP/NAPL Owners Conference and Graph Expo 2011 and I need a change of scenery. That’s why I’m going back to the city I love to hate—Las Vegas. Why am I doing such a thing? It is because of my dogs. You see, they both are rescue dogs and I am very interested in animal rescue. (We also have a rescue cat, but she’s not talking to me at the moment since we put her in the cat kennel for 10 days.) So, I’m going back to Las Vegas for the sixth time this year to attend the 2011 No More Homeless Pets National Conference sponsored by the Best Friends Animal Society. I’ve been donating to Best Friends for years to help support their no-kill efforts and their animal rescue sanctuary in Moab, UT. My donations got me on the Best Friends mailing list and that’s how I found out about the conference. I probably would have dismissed the event as something worthwhile but not something I needed to attend until I saw one workshop track: “Saving Lives the New-Fashioned Way—Marketing, Media, and Communicationsâ€. Well, I’m in the media and communications business, so that intrigued me. Maybe I could learn something that would be of value to our local animal rescue efforts. So I signed up and booked a ticket back to Sin City. On this trip, I’ll try to ignore the fact that I’m going to Las Vegas and concentrate on how great it will be to hang around with 1,000 other people who love animals. Who knows, a few of them might also be printers, but I won’t hold that against them.