Color Copier Volume Growing Again

The latest color copier survey by Larry Hunt’s Color Copy News shows that color copy volume is on the rebound. We all know that the economy has had very adverse effects on our industry but we are increasingly seeing signs of recovery, however modest. One of the more recent is from Larry Hunt’s latest color copier survey. In the last survey, only 33% of respondents said their color copy growth was good or excellent while 56% said there was no growth or a decline in volume. In this year’s survey, 45% said color copy growth was good or excellent and only 15% reported no growth or a decline. As Dirck Holscher, who has taken over the publication, noted: “While not yet back to boom times, these figures are a lot more encouraging than last year’s numbers.†That comment is right on the money considering that the 56% of good or excellent growth reported is still far below the 70% reported in 2007. One other interesting note about the latest survey is that black-and-white copies account for around 24% of total volume on color machines. I find that a little puzzling, but then I’m not in the color copying business.