QR Codes Do Work

There are a number of discussions online among printers who argue that QR codes don’t work. Some say they are just a fad. Among the reasons these printers give for believing that QR codes fail are “None of my customers know what QR codes are” and “My customer used it once and they didn’t get any additional business.” Another argument for QR codes failing is, “My customers have never asked for them.”

I can only conclude that the printers who are asserting the failure of QR codes have never made a sales call to explain QR codes to their customers and they are ignoring the QR codes popping up all around them. Pick up any national magazine or paper and you see QR codes. Go to the local grocery story, restaurant chain, or national home repair store such as Home Deport and look at the QR codes scattered throughout. It is hard to believe that some printers don’t think QR codes are gaining traction in the marketplace.

QR code projects do fail because the person using the code used it incorrectly. QR codes need to send viewers to websites where the merchant can interact with the customer. Just sending a person to a desktop site that is reduced down to 2-point type on a smartphone isn’t going to lead to a good buying experience. QR codes need to send viewers to videos that educate and inform. The viewers need to go to sites where they can get coupons, directions, or easily make contact with the QR code creators. There are infinite uses. It is up to the printer to explain those uses to their customers so they will be used correctly.

But that requires the printer getting out from behind his counter and making a sales call. It requires a printer to have a smartphone and demonstrate the different ways QR codes can be used. It also requires a printer to understand mobile sites and be able to provide the technical support needed for a customer to have a mobile presence.

QR codes are successful. The QR codes don’t fail to take a viewer to a site. The failure is that the QR code creator sends the viewer to the wrong site where there isn’t any value for the user. 

Want to increase your sales? Make a sales call and tell your customers about QR codes. This gives the print buyer a reason to reprint their marketing print collateral with QR codes today. Think of how many leads the customer might be losing without the QR code sending the viewer to additional information to help turn the prospect into a customer.