Why Talk About Hiring Now?

By Debra Thompson

It is pretty clear that hiring activities have not picked up much. Business recovery is happening, but slowly, so business owners are not feeling a need to add staff at this point. So why talk about hiring now?

Obviously, this may not be the time to add staff to your organization, but it is the perfect time to evaluate your current staff and upgrade where necessary. As mentioned above, doing business today and in tomorrow’s marketplace is different on so many levels. There is a general consensus that as the recovery strengthens, the structural changes that have taken place will be much more noticeable. When this happens, there will be an urgency to have a brighter and more technically competent staff to gain the competitive advantage. Leadership and management skills will need to be stronger than ever, and teamwork and overall communication will be critical to your success as well.

Organizations and businesses that understand what they need to do today for continued growth and profitability are taking the necessary steps today to prepare to gain market share when the economy turns up. They are evaluating their current infrastructure and redesigning it to embrace new technology, new equipment and new ways of communicating with their customers. Once they know the seats they need on the bus, they are making sure that they have the right person for the position. Does this person have the intelligence to understand this new technology? Do they have the emotional intelligence to work with customers (both internal and external customers) through different communication channels? Do they have the right personality characteristics ingrained in their being to be proficient at their job responsibilities?

These are serious questions that need to be addressed for each position in your business. If the current person is marginal, then you need to find the right person today to fill the position. Actually, you don’t have to, but if you want an infrastructure that will help grow your business profitably, then you must make the hard calls and get the right people on board.

There are many good people available right now. Many of them are currently employed, but not happy where they are. They are working for companies that are on shaky ground, maybe their hours have been cut, pay cut, morale is down, leadership is lacking, etc. and they are ready to move on.

Now is the time to get a Grade AA team. What are you waiting for?

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