Lassen Sie Uns Auf drupa Gehen!

So drupa is just around the corner, and I’m brushing up on my German. Just for the record, mein Deutsch ist schrecklich, but the people I meet there are always so kind (and frequently amused) regarding my attempts to speak their language. They always seem to appreciate the fact that I’m making an effort, so with my attempts at German, their attempts at English (which are almost always superior), and a bit of sign language, we manage to communicate.

This will be my fifth trip to Germany. Bob lived there for six years, so it has been one of our favorite vacation destinations. It will be very odd to be there without my husband and his translation skills. Sure, drupa is the mac daddy of print trade shows and most people on the show floor will speak English quite well, but that’s not the point.

Why would anyone go to another country and then balk at experiencing the culture of the place? So after the press conferences, booth appointments, and soaking my aching feet, you’ll probably find me somewhere on the streets of Dusseldorf. I’ll be searching for a yummy meal and a fresh local beer. If I can grab a couple of free daylight hours, I might even hop the U-bahn out to Bochem (where we stayed last drupa) and visit the zoo or walk in the park.

Maybe I’ll run into some of our readers out in the streets. If so, I’ll at least know someone will understand what I’m saying!