2012-2017 Worldwide MPS Forecast Still Shows Excellent Growth in Specific Geo’s and Segments

According to the recently published InfoTrends forecast on Managed Print Services, the worldwide market will continue to grow at a 6.7% compound annual growth rate from 2012-2017 from approximately $20 billion to $28 billion US dollars.

Certain geographic markets are trending to grow at double digit CAGR such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and Central/Eastern Europe however each of the major countries in each of these markets are growing at significantly different rates.

The advanced regions such as North America and Western Europe are still showing overall growth (single digit CAGR) however both are showing signs of slowing over the forecast period especially in specific Managed Print Services segments such as Basic/Supplies only MPS engagements, that is showing a decline by 2017 in some of the countries. Because MPS had been introduced in these advanced markets since 2007, we had seen a land grab for MPS customer engagements. Additionally, because most customers refresh their devices within 5 years, for the most part, the industry will have tried to sell the concept of MPS to their customers at least 2 times by 2017. At this point, we will have engaged with most customers and would soon reach today’s current MPS addressable market.

In emerging and growth economies, we are seeing exponential growth like we had seen in some of the initial MPS years of advanced economies however the revenues for these regions is still significantly less. For more information on the 2012-2017 Worldwide MPS forecast or regional level MPS forecasts you can reach Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or at scott.phinney@infotrends.com.