Attract the Christmas Footfall with Effective Window Wrapping

It’s that time of year again; the nights are getting longer, the cold weather is drawing in and St. Nick is dusting off his old red sleigh-boots. Yes, Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes the annual frantic shopping frenzy. UK households spent over £700 million in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2012 and this year looks to take a similar course. As each household is predicted to spend around £800 on gifts across the festive season, it is extremely important that high-street businesses do all they can to attract these eager customers.

So, as a high-street shop or local store, how can you entice people into buying your products this Christmas? Anything you can do increase footfall within your retail space will certainly lead to an increase in sales and profit. How you close a sale once a customer is in your store, either through discounts or special offers, will largely depend on your specific business and management decisions. The first hurdle is getting the customers through your door in the first place – effective window films, such as those supplied by ATC Ltd, can see to this task for you!

There is a Window Shopper in All of Us

Think about it, everybody window shops. We all browse with our eyes before we explore with our hands or, more importantly, our purse strings. So if the window itself, along with everything on display inside it, is attractive and appealing then you have won half of the battle already. Window films can provide the perfect solution to making your shop front both persuasive and aesthetically pleasing. Your options are limitless too as you can follow a pre-designed template or create your own inspired window model.

Create a snowy effect with frosted window films, or brighten up your surroundings with bold green and red colours. Make sure to place your best offers or highest selling products in the shop window and tailor your window film around them; this way you will increase attention and foot traffic through your store. Include a little festive imagery and some call to action text in your design to persuade passers-by to become stoppers-by; but don’t overdo it! Too much Christmas-related stuff can become a blur and will just blend in with the surrounding decorations; keep your products as the main central focus at all times.

How to Apply Your Window Film

You do not need to be an expert to apply a window film; with the right preparation you can easily do it yourself. Nevertheless, window film is extremely thin and delicate, so careful and gentle handling is required at all times. You must ensure your windows are completely dirt free with no traces of grease or debris; any tears, wrinkles or blemishes in the film will greatly affect the final appearance.

Before you begin applying your film, have the following tools and materials ready:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • Window scraper
  • Utility knife
  • Squeegee

Now you have your tools ready, follow these seven simple steps to effective window wrap installation:

  1. Fill up the spray bottle with cold water and a splash of washing-up liquid (known as ‘slip’)
  2. Remove any blots of paint from your window using the scraper and utility knife. Pay close attention to the edges close to the frame and the glass should be wet to avoid scratches.
  3. Use a surface cleaning liquid to thoroughly clean and dry the window.
  4. Your window film’s adhesive layer is protected by backing paper or clear film – use this side to mark your lines for cutting. To find the size of film you will need, measure your window and allow for an error margin of 2cm all the way around your film.
  5. Cautiously peel off a corner of the wrapping film after thoroughly wetting the glass with your slip solution. Place the film over the glass, reverse side out with the backing sheer facing you. Your film should cling to the window allowing you to trim any excess material away.
  6. Using the same corner, peel away the rest of the film from the backing paper. Now saturate the surface to the film with the slip solution before flipping the whole piece so that the sticky side is against the glass.
  7. Manoeuvre the whole piece so that it is in place, smoothing away any wrinkles or folds in the material. Use the squeegee to push any air bubble in the centre to the edges.