Color Printing Tips and Tricks

Even in the age of information and the almighty Internet, print marketing still plays a significant role in how small businesses operate.

Printing is centuries old, and it’s uses are still beneficial today. Even though smartphones have taken over a lot of traditional marketing, a brochure still conveys authority and care.  Everyone is familiar with and everyone can operate a brochure, flyer, or booklet.

How to buy top quality cheap color copies

As great as marketing with color printing sounds, you can still get scammed into low-quality copies, leaving your wallet more than a little grumpy.  There are many tips I can give but I’ve narrowed it down to a few that can get you started in the right direction.

Finding the right online color printer:

The only problem with ordering online is filtering through the plethora of choices that are available.  Here are a few research tips on what to look for when buying online.

  • Quantity -
    Many color printing outfits force you into set quantities.  You end up buying too much and then, if you need to change some info on your prints, you will shortly after throw out the rest. That is not good.
    Tip: Find a company that lets you choose the amount you want.
  • Quality -
    Do they tell you what equipment they use? Even if you don’t know the difference between machines, one that flat out won’t tell you is not a good sign.
    Tip: Look for their equipment or ask them what they use.  Also, if you can wait, order a proof and see how it turns out. You may want a different paper or the quality was just too low.
  • Turnaround -
    This means how fast they can produce your order.  Some may take their time to save on costs while you wait around for your order.
    Tip:  Look for averages turnaround times. Some orders take longer than others but most should be done in 24-48 hours if they are a well-run printer.
  • Bait-and switch Prices -
    You see a low advertised price then head to the site. When you are there, you see that nothing you need is available at that price! A classic but discouraging tactic.
    Tip: Look for flat rate pricing where you can spend your money on a paper upgrade treat and not a price trick.

Keep these tips handy when you are ready to find the right online printer that can provide top quality cheap color copies.  A small business that buys right will be a small business with a happy credit card account and lots of confidence handing out its print marketing.