3 Reasons to Inject Some Luxury into Your Business Cards

Business cards can often seem like a standard part of any business – we all have one and we’ve all probably been handed hundreds over the years from contacts, colleagues and even competitors.  Whether it’s at a meeting, a trade show or a conference, an exchange of business cards is almost as common as a handshake or a quick “hello”.  If you’re reading this now from your office or a desk, take a look at some of the business cards in front of you and see which cards stand out. 

Whether it’s through a witty and imaginative card or with a professional look, finish and feel, the purpose of a business card is to connect with contacts and build up a network.  The time has come for you to add some luxury into your business card and stand out for all the right reasons. 

Luxury business cards are, as the name suggests, a little bit of luxury for your contacts to put in their pocket, purse or wallet.  Here are 3 reasons why luxury business cards can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

1. Memorable:

We all see those TV ads where you can buy 100 business cards for little to nothing or in some cases even get them FREE!!  Sometimes these offers sound too good to be true and that’s because; well, they are.  Investing in a business card is the same as investing in any other area of your business so you want to be remembered for all the right reasons.  If your business card is poor quality, light and flimsy, and can bend and tear easily, it’s not going to give off the quality and professional look and feel that we all want for our business.  Luxury business cards can often be double the thickness (up to 540gsm) of standard business cards, and in some cases even greater - I've seen business cards that can be as thick as 925gsm!  Not only will these create the right first impression when you hand them out, but they will also be memorable when sitting on the desk of your contact.  Think of them live a skyscraper sitting beside a normal business card (may sound strange but that's how well luxury business cards can stand out).

2. Hard to tear:

Anything with the name luxury attached to it needs to be truly that and when compared with others in its field, there should be no comparison.  This is certainly the case with luxury business cards and unlike standard business cards which can sometimes bend, rip or tear easily, your luxury business card will be around for a long time.  Leave a lasting impression when handing one over to a contact by asking them to tear it.  This will certainly create a lasting experience.

3. Bigger and better:

It’s often said that bigger is better, and while this isn’t always the case, I feel in the world of business cards, it’s certainly true.  When I mention ‘bigger’ here, I mean bigger in terms of the thickness of a business card, and a thick luxury business card will really stand out when sitting among a range of ‘normal’ sized business cards.  This size is really shown when you stack a selection of you business cards together for display in your place of business or at an exhibition or trade show.  Use luxury business cards to help you make a good first impression and create a topic of discussion.  What you put onto your business card will also influence how memorable it will be, so consider getting creative and allowing your creativity to work with the luxury nature of the card to make the perfect impression. 

Luxury business cards really can make you and your brand stand out both in your place of business or at a trade show or exhibition.  With so many business cards getting thrown out at events, make sure yours is one that will leave a lasting impression and make it to the customers table rather than their trash.  Does a business card that is 925gsm sound like something that can stand out?  I certainly think so.  It's one of those things that must be seen (and held) to be believed!