Don’tcha Just Hate Telemarketers?

Don’tcha just hate telemarketers?

They interrupt what you are doing with some nonsensical thing about something you don’t want or need.

And many of us figure if we don’t like to be interrupted, then our prospects don’t and that’s why we're hesitant to make phone calls. We don’t want to be like those 'stupid' people who call and interrupt us.

Now that’s stinking thinking.


That’s not what you are doing with a fully developed Selling Plan.

Remember the three steps?

First define what you are selling; and second, determine your target prospects.

When is the last time you paid attention to the price of refrigerators?

Right, the last time you were in the market for a refrigerator.

That’s why firms that sell refrigerators need to advertise day in and day out. In the newspaper, on television, radio, direct mail and on the Internet. They have to be all over the place in order to be there when a prospect needs a refrigerator.

That’s why it’s called the MASS market.

But that’s NOT what you are doing.

Remember the first two steps of the Selling Plan. Identify what you are going to sell and identify a target audience.

Let me say that again, you “determine your target prospects.”

This is called Target Marketing.

YOUR prospect has a very HIGH degree of needing what you are selling.

If not, you need to go back and redo steps one and two again.

I’ve used the example of printers hating telemarketers but definitely want to talk to their buddy the K-M salesman*.

* Or Canon, Apple or Xerox or any of your favorites.

What’s the difference?

They have what I need and are vital to the success of my business.


The same way as you are vital to the success of your prospects’ business IF YOU have positioned your product/offering and targeted your prospect list properly.

If you haven’t, fix it.

If you have, start calling.

They need what you have. Hurry up. Your customer is losing money because you’re just sitting there.

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Something for you to think about....