5 Things to Remember When Designing a Banner Stand

Standing out at a trade show or exhibition can take a lot of work, particularly if you don't have the largest space or have been stuck into the corner out of the way.  Having a great communicator can really help you interact with visitors to the trade show but a good sales team is only half the battle - you need to give them the tools.  One of the best ways to attract people to your stand is by having a creative banner stand.  Regardless of the shape or size of your banner, if you have the right message and really get your design spot on, you can reap the rewards from such events.  Today I take a look at 5 key things to remember when it comes to designing your next banner stand.

1. Keep text to a minimum

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when designing a banner stand is to not go overboard with the text - that's what a brochure is for.  While there is no right answer, best practice suggests keeping your main headline to 2 lines and 10 words maximum and only use additional text to the message.  Any additional text should be short and to the point - enough information to leave visitors (your customers) wanting to find out more.

2. Don't go crazy with color

Color can be a funny one.  Many of us think that the brighter a banner stand the better it will be and the more likely it is to stand out.  While this may be true to a certain extent, any color you use should relate to your brand colors and indeed your customers.  Don't use bright luminous colors if there is no need for it, they will only be an eyesore.  Consider colors that evoke emotion and remember color is also vital when it comes to text.  This article on psychology of color in print is well worth reading.

3. Have your key contact details up high

I've often seen so many people make this simple mistake at trade shows.  They have a lovely looking banner stand with a powerful message and one big problem - all their contact details are at the bottom of the banner stand.  Why is this a problem you ask?  Well, the big issue here is that most of us place banner stands behind something or the floor can become a dumping ground for boxes and products meaning your contact details are unlikely to be noticed.  Position your most important contact information (email address, website, phone number and address) at the top of your banner so that it is clear and easy to see.

4. Consider your audience

Often many of us will rush into designing a banner stand without even considering your customer.  You will get started with the design, piece together the information that you want and then boom, send to the printer.  Before designing any banner stand (or any printed promotional product for that matter), take time to think of its purpose.  What do you want it to achieve. 

It's also important to consider how and where your customers are likely to see it.  If it is at a trade show, information is crucial because they might only get to see the banner while walking past your stand and won't get time to talk to you.  Be sure you have all the important information on your product or service ticked off.  If you are positioning your banner stand in your place of business then you can be a little bit more flexible in the information on it.

5. Don't forget additional promotional material

My final piece of advice when designing a banner stand is to consider other promotional material - how will it be used with your banner.  If you are attending a trade show or simply designing a banner for use in store, having relevant print material like a brochure or flyer to support your message is vitally important.  A banner stand can grab the attention of a potential customer but the supporting leaflet or brochure that you give to them will allow them to get more information on your offering and turn them from a potential customer into a customer.  Don't just think banner stand, look at the bigger picture.