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Folder Express

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Phone: 800-322-1064
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Price & Speed

Folder Express understands the driving factor of price. To that end, Folder Express offers FREE ground shipping to one location, FREE PMS color match, FREE business card slit options, FREE gloss aqueous coat on heavy coverage and process print, FREE 9x12" color proof on process orders, FREE 24 hour production on thousands of options, and the most complete FREE sales kit in the industry. The Folder Express production team strives successfully to keep costs down through efficiency and quality. The attitudes and abilities of the team ensure aggressive baseline pricing that allow print partners to ensure a profitable markup while securing orders.


Folder Express has long been leader in the production of quality presentation folders in record time. In January 2010, production of the standard 9x12" two pocket presentation folder (F1-1) with one process became a next day turn item. “As a follow up to what we’ve accomplished so far, in September of 2010 we increased our 24-hour standard production options to include many additional presentation folder styles and selections,” said Doug Boysen, company vice-president and general manager.


The additions include the four most popular standard folder styles, the legal size two-pocket folder (R1-11), and all of the Sculptured Pockets die patterns. “This gives our print partners over 80 different folder dies to choose from and thousands of options available with one day production,” Mr. Boysen points out.


“These production standards are critical to the sustainability of our industry. Meeting these turnaround demands allows our print partners to focus on expanding their customer base and adding value to their service. We are proud to have shipped over seven million folders with a one day turn production time so far this year,” said Mardra Sikora, company president.


Price and speed are intrinsically tied together as the demand for quick turnarounds increase. Historically, Folder Express has led the pack in production times. This includes being the first to offer three day, then two day, next day, and even Same Day production on presentation folders. “This is the next logical step to support our distributors in this environment of tight schedules and price competition. We are enabling our partners to meet deadlines without incurring rush charges or forcing excessive air freight bills,” said Mr. Boysen. One day production and free ground shipping from Folder Express mean most products deliver in a week or less to the customer without any rush or shipping charges.



Simplify your workflow and order process. Folder Express can handle all aspects of presentation folder options. Capabilities include:

– Offset Printing

– Digital Full Color Printing

– Small Format Engraving and Thermography

– 21 Stock Foil Colors

– Emboss, Single Level, Multi-level and Sculptured

– Refractive Foil Stamping

– Standard & Custom Die cutting

– Gloss Lamination

– UV Coating

– Gloss, Matte, Satin, and Soft-Feel Aqueous Coat

– Spot Varnish

– Machine Gluing of Folders, CD Holders, Box Pocket Folders, and Portfolios

– Collated and Stitched Inserts

– 3 Ring Paper Binders

– Spine Prong Attachments

– Over 150 In-House Cover Stock Options


“Why settle for less when the best is so easy to work with?”


Profit with Options

Printing’s future lies in making unique presentations affordable. “Sculptured Pockets folders equip our partners with a product that is distinctive and affordable. With over 80 distinctive pocket patterns available, this variety gives our print partners the edge. Sculptured Pockets folders are often shipped the next business day, and our customers are inevitably and pleasantly surprised with the price,” said Samantha Wright, Folder Express sales manager.


If custom die cutting is required, check out the “find your folder” button on the website: Folder Express has over one thousand dies to choose from or can make a new die to specification.


From key-folders to tri-panels, the team of experts at Folder Express looks forward to working with you on your next presentation opportunity. Request a FREE sales kit through the website,, send inquiries to or call 800-322-1064.

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