Kimoto Tech, Inc.

Kimoto Tech, Inc.

Company Details:
601 Canal Street
Cedartown, GA 30125 USA

Phone: 770.748.2643
Toll Free: 888.546.6861
Fax: 770.748.2648

Kimoto Tech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kimoto Co. Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


The Cedartown location consists of more than 360 acres with an 110,000 square foot manufacturing and corporate office facility. It is also the site for Kimoto Tech’s 13,000 square foot Research and Development Center. This facility houses some of the most advanced measuring and analytical instrumentation available- all devoted to the development and testing of new film coating products and the technology required to manufacture them. Included within this facility is a pilot coater line which can simulate most conditions found on a actual full scale production line. Products developed by both Kimoto Tech and its customers can be tested under actual production conditions and modified as required to meet specifications.


Kimoto Tech's highly automated state-of-the-art production facilities are second to none within the film coating industry. They consist of two autonomous production lines comprised of automated film and coating delivery systems, computer controlled coating systems, and precision drying capabilities.


The combination of our comprehensive manufacturing and advanced research and development facilities allows us to undertake virtually any film coating project; from customized formulations and products to an extensive product line for graphic arts applications. Kimoto also offers complete solution packages for today's demanding printers.


Kimoto Tech, Inc. recognizes the importance of total customer service in today's rapidly changing global markets. Our well-trained customer service representatives are a ready source for all order-status information and can offer invaluable aid in expediting orders when circumstances require revised delivery schedules. Additionally, technical specifications and application information is available to aid customers with unique or demanding application requirements.

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Kimosetter 410

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January 30, 2012
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