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'No-Mark'™ manufactures Anti-Marking devices and Anti-Track surfaces for all press sizes.


With the growing propensity of short run, high quality color in the industry, the usage trend for ‘No-Mark’ Starwheels has been on the mid-size presses. Many printers are outfitting their presses with the ‘No-Mark’ Full Cylinder package, taking advantage of our SiliCLEAN Jacket just like the larger press models use.


Using full-cylinder anti-tracking, operators are able to speed through make-ready and run virtually any stock without ink marking issues. Press operators also like the fact that they can remove and install the jacket in a few seconds for a quick wipe-down, something that cannot be done with old style net products.


Shop managers are also taking full advantage of the need for ‘No-Mark’ wheels on older large format press units that are still productively running work. As owners continue to push these machines to achieve competitive quality, a ‘No-Mark’ Anti-Tracking system offers an economical upgrade to help accomplish that purpose.


PressBoss for Quickmaster

PressBoss for Quickmaster

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