Reprographics Northwest

Reprographics Northwest

Company Details:
616 8th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 206-624-2040
Fax: 206-382-4397

Reprographics Northwest has local offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and Kent.

As a local company with roots going back over 30 years, we understand the ever-changing face of the Greater Puget Sound area. As a division of American Reprographics Company, a corporation with over 300 print centers across the US and internationally, we possess the technology, partnerships and affiliations to distribute documents on a global scale. We operate a fleet of small format and large format blackline and color printers, including the amazing Oce Arizona GT 250, an eight-color printer capable of printing DIRECTLY on a variety of substrate media, including plastic, vinyl, vehicle and window cling material, metal, wood and more!

Once printed, the prints can get laser-cut on our Zund cutter, which can cut media in a variety of complex shapes. This allows for one-off, short-run, and large volume production printing in a way not offered by traditional screen printing. This keeps cost low and allows for rapid turnaround times.

In addition to our printing services, we also provide a full-service Bid Document Distribution Department. Our Bid Services Department manages the printing, distribution (printed or digital), deposit collection, plan holders list, and addenda distribution for many public agencies and school districts in the area.

Using our PlanWell Document Management System, we can post Bid Documents online and maintain a “real time” plan holders list. Based off this plan holders list, we can distribute addenda via fax and e-mail quickly and at a fraction of the cost of printing and shipping.

The PlanWell system is also a great way to archive your legacy projects and free up office space. We can scan your plan sheets and store them online at a very low cost. Documents are easily retrieved and in a variety of ways. You may download files, print directly to your office plotter, or request prints from Reprographics Northwest. No matter how you want to access your information, Reprographics Northwest has a solution.